1. Top is a CRKT Pilar 3 and bottom one is a Rough Ryder APTA in Titanium.

  2. Zebra F-701, CRKT Pilar 3, Rough Ryder APTA in Ti, DIY hank and lanyards

  3. Damn only stuff I've even found at gun shows was 40 year old crap for 3 times their worth.

  4. Oooof that's rough! I'm sorry to hear that. Both about the accident and losing the knife!

  5. Thats like finding a 100 dollar bill under your wagyu steak.

  6. Yeah I forgot that part. Sorry I'm on cold meds tonight. So far it's decent tool.

  7. Haha, not a problem. It seems like this one they really focused on the pliers and everything else came in a distant 2nd.

  8. Right but it will hold a full size 1/4 driver bit and the flat style.

  9. Miss those Wenger can openers that actually worked well…

  10. Ohhhhhh shit I had one of these! Great find

  11. Picked it up at a gun show today. $10 not a bad deal. Needs a good cleaning. 👍

  12. Very cool, but now you've got to buy a fishing license!

  13. Thanks and true my friend. My wife brought that up as well.

  14. You're killin' it Hank! What is this knife anyway, a Buck-branded Wenger collab? But why?

  15. Toss it behind the seat in the work truck and roll.

  16. I still have one of these I bought at Walmart when I was really young.

  17. Excuse my ignorance, but what does nkd mean?

  18. From what I've seen and been told you are correct. I didn't have a tanto in the Benchmade collection. 😀 Thanks!

  19. Nice..I figured for $10 I could walk away from it.

  20. Congrats on a great deal! I love the tanto. It will look awesome with AWT scales (did it too).

  21. Thanks. I think it will too. Hopefully they have something that will fit.

  22. No problems. They restock them all the time. Enjoy your weekend!

  23. I love my small knipex pliers. Use them everyday at work!

  24. No problems. They sell out quick but get restocked often.

  25. Not huge fan of the redesign. But I love my trash panda compact!

  26. Me either ...old school design is the way to go. I didn't know they made it in a compact. Now I need another knife.

  27. Actually I just popped off the scales of the Trash Panda Tinker then put them on my Compact. Follow these instructions from the famous

  28. I love how edc people carry everything around like a loadout...a tradie who has to carry stuff carrys super minimal...or in a tub in the car in this case...funny little green grass paradox

  29. My pouch is my minimal work carry. Big project like this one I break out the cart and haul everything I need in one run. I hate going back and forth for tools.

  30. Yup... an entire access system in a new part of a jail. Just another day in paradise.

  31. I was gonna say the same thing. Swiss army knife can openers are legit

  32. Klein MM300, Klein Journeyman Diagonals, SAK Tinker with RGT scales, Spyderco Paramilitary 3 with RGT scales.

  33. Chasing a ground fault on a nac in a warehouse, should keep me occupied most of the day.

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