1. It was more than just a lynching, brutalit y at its worst

  2. when you finally move out of the trash compactor

  3. Clearly not the descendents of the colonisers living in the places they colonised lol...

  4. Clearly you didnt pay attention at school

  5. Man australians must be incredibly lucky living amongst an abundance of such high grade beef😩 id have to scour every store in my area to potentially find a piece half that quality

  6. We don't get the good stuff in Australia that easy

  7. It's expensive isn't it? At least here in Texas I can get choice tenderloins for ~16$/lb and prime ribeyes for ~18-20$/lb.

  8. You can get decent prices for meat sometimes, but i have never seen wagyu tri tip at any butchers

  9. The hornets had Malik allegedly snorting coke, LaMelo smokin backwoods, Miles sippin, and Trez got caught with 3 lbs. Seems like a fun team

  10. I gladly admit essendon has been shit for 20 years

  11. One of my favorite music films/videos of all time. They looked so cool, sounded perfect. Careful with that axe, Eugene

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