1. I need examples of these shows... for research purposes..

  2. I am currently at work but will find them later!

  3. I also need these. For science. Pirate science. Which involves Navier Stokes equations so really you are supporting math and science by doing this kindness for us.

  4. Soon it will be our time. Spotting them out and about in NZ. SOON.

  5. Part of me is glad it's happening in Auckland rather than where I live. This show is taking up enough of my brain without the possibility of running into the actors irl.

  6. While I thoroughly love the fact that these guys are total rapscallions in real life, my crushes on their fictional characters are starting to bleed over onto the actors themselves and it is confusing for my brain. Just stop being so hot, y'all, it's too much for me.

  7. I have zero interest in Izzy, but find Con very very very hot.

  8. I did not like Izzy on my first watch, but the second go round went, uh, differently. Naturally, I hold Con fully responsible for this.

  9. I wanted Izzy to die on the first watch, but then came to appreciate how vital he is to the story. I still hate the character, as I never sympathise with people like him, but I love watching him.

  10. Weird that anyone would default to that given zero evidence, and a LOT of evidence to the contrary.

  11. absolutely agreed. It's a bizarre take. But I've seen it happen. I don't even think he's a homophobe but that opinion usually gets me downvoted.

  12. I think he’s femmephobic, definitely. Not sure if he’s homophobic as such. A lot of what he says that could read as homophobic is him baiting Ed into domming him.

  13. Is it the one you can configure 3 different ways? We love that one!

  14. It is! I am going to do some mods to make it more Revengey.

  15. I'll post back when it's done. Trying to work out how to do the unicorn...

  16. People are misrepresenting this unfortunately. I was listening into the earnings call it was presented in and it was a summary of data about both streamers (so statistically more men watch HBO Max) and presented in the context of needing to ensure there was something for ‘every family member’ on both streamers and ultimately on the future combined version.

  17. I work in marketing, and this is how we present our customer profiles. I think a lot of people are reading too much into it. It’s very standard to grossly generalise customer bases so you know who to market to, or who is an untapped market.

  18. Really? TIL, lol. I guess Rhys and Taika are the outliers, haha. I suppose the tone with which one says, “You were okay” effects what it conveys. blasé “Eh, you were okay” vs. mischievous/sarcastic twinkle in eye “You were okay, I guess. 🙄😏😉”

  19. It can honestly be quite painful! If I do something I'm really proud of and show it to people, they might say "oh I quite like that", and it's a bit deflating. But then I remember I'm the same. The energy Rhys and Taika have is very unusual for NZ. Brett and Jemaine are far more the level we're used to here.

  20. Fortunately or unfortunately I was brought up with a sister who is INCREDIBLY effusive in her praise. So for example I would draw something and she would say "Oh. My. GOD. That is the MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Honestly, you are a GENIUS". And she'd mean it! So when I was in the real world, even if someone said "oh that's great!" I'd feel damned by faint praise. She's really unusual though. That said, younger people (I'm 45) are much better at giving praise. People in their mid-20s are a total delight to work with. They will tell me if they appreciate me as a person, or appreciate my work. It's lovely! People my age and older are a bit dull at times.

  21. I’m really worried about the Discovery merger. Apparently they’re planning on cutting some of the HBO Max originals. So Our Flag Means Death is on the chopping block. Hopefully it’s great success in it’s first season is enough to keep it around but they may have to take Season 2 to a new platform.

  22. It seems to be safe for now. The whole OFMD fandom has been watching this merger like hawks and from what came out after the Warner Bros. earnings call it seems unlikely to be cut.

  23. Update: I feel empty and impatient for finishing season 1 🥺 I have the need to rewatch it. I guess ill be staying here on this subreddit and keeping my HBO subscription til they release new seasons (Ive been in Netflix for years)

  24. Welcome to Gay Pirate Brainrot! We have cake. And possibly the loveliest Reddit sub in existence. Also, let me quickly plug my religion:

  25. Definitely Flight of the Conchords. :) Taika wrote two episodes and directed four.

  26. Fun fact - they're named after a Concorde toilet. Changed it to "chord" to make it sound more musical.

  27. It also guest stars Rhys as Anton the werewolf in one episode, and O'Leary (one of the two main police officers) is gay on the show and IRL :)

  28. That's a very good point. I feel like despite the mountains of evidence, we're all so twitchy about IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING??? that any tiny perceived hiccup seems potentially catastrophic. It still seems too good to be true.

  29. To be fair, the panic went far beyond this fandom. That one uncredited "leak" from the person declaring the scripted department was being gutted just avalanched. Rumours are dangerous, especially when they are picked up by multiple news outlets like this one was.

  30. Ah, good to know. I have a bit of a one-track media mind, and didn't go further afield than this subreddit in reading news (or, "news"), and didn't realize the panic was so widespread! I hope a lot of fandoms are breathing easier today.

  31. Someone even created a table of shows that were "safe" and "not safe" that got retweeted a LOT. It was chaos on the bird app, CHAOS.

  32. I have been meaning to check out his comedy specials. Does anyone know where I can find them? Are they on YouTube?

  33. They're on Amazon Prime Video in NZ, not sure about elsewhere.

  34. I case you're wondering, when I was 12 years old I had "I'm a sk8ter hater" written on my pencil case. I was not a fan.

  35. This is from yesterday - he bought a new board in Auckland

  36. https://www.regionalnews.kiwi/articles/25-years-of-standout-storytelling-and-stand-up

  37. So no more “Max Originals” but HBO may continue making original content.

  38. Sounds like it. Whether HBO Max continues as a platform seems to be up in the air. It COULD all be fine and we COULD all be worrying for nothing. Fingers crossed.

  39. I think maybe it’s a misunderstanding? At least that’s what I’m getting out of it. HBO Max will no longer make sceipted content, because HBO Max will no longer exist. The new unnamed hub its content is moving to will house those series under the HBO brand. Their development team is also separate from their creative team, and I also think WB Discovery feels that since they’re merging everything, separate HBO and HBO Max departments are redundant, hence the layoffs

  40. Unfortunately at this point we have articles based on other articles based on leaks. It's getting very muddied! This seems to be the only actual quote from the source: "All I know is they're folding HBO Max into HBO. Sounds like they're not doing HBO Max scripted shows anymore with HBO taking over, so less scripted shows overall."

  41. Is your friend a straight cis man? I have noticed plenty of them are more disturbed/disgusted by/reluctant towards gay content than you think. I would say there's no point trying to "convince" him if so, he just doesn't like the idea and this is him hard coping.

  42. Nope, he's openly gay. He's literally directed a number of short films about gay romance (I'm even in one). So it's definitely not that! He really likes the show, too, but just isn't convinced by the romance.

  43. Someone on Twitter said this which has calmed me down a little: “1. Everything coming out about the plans for HBO Max is speculation. 2. The articles are saying that HBO Max scripted is likely going to be absorbed into HBO because after the merger the different development departments are redundant, which is unfortunate but understandable. 3. Development staff are the people who find and create NEW content for the network/studio. OFMD is well beyond this stage so no one from OFMD is getting laid off if all of this is true.”

  44. Also calming me is the fact that SOMEONE will pick it up, even if it is cancelled at HBO Max. It also stars one of the world’s hottest (in more ways than one) directors. DEEP BREATHS.

  45. I hope that the creators don't get spooked by all this and try to wrap everything up in two seasons when they originally intended to make three. I've seen several shows do this, and it's never great.

  46. I don't think Jenkins would do that. I think it could be nicely ended with a semi-cliffhanger. Arguably that's what happened in season one - we knew that Stede was making his way back to Ed, but there was clearly more in the tank.

  47. I want to say that I don't think they'll be dumb enough to scrap shows that have been renewed and are currently in production (like OFMD and Peacemaker)... Except they also just canned 2 Warner Bros movies.

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