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  1. This should have been secret providing an element of surprise, all these public displays of weapons gives Russia more time to prepare a defense against them.

  2. France had plenty of tanks when they won the First World War, so yes.

  3. Totally off topic but couldn't they have picked a better name though?

  4. I mean, it's named after a French general, who by appearance is

  5. They've wanted to send those MiGs to Ukraine for a while now, but NATO and/or the US did not agree. Same happened with Poland and their MiGs back in December. Of course the landscape has changed now, so hopefully it'll be approved sooner than later.

  6. Pilots aren't interchangeable like that, taking a pilot familiar with a MiG and sticking them in a F-16 doesn't help much as the layouts of the cockpits are completely different. It's actually potentially detrimental to have experienced MiG pilots fly a new plane as muscle memory or instinct could cause them to reach for a wrong button which could have deadly consequences.

  7. I really hope we get to see a video of one of these been towed away by a tractor.

  8. Due to the full-scale war with the Russian occupiers, a general mobilization is ongoing in Ukraine - residents of large cities have recently noted a particularly active delivery of summonses.

  9. 24 Day old reddit account filled with nothing but Russian propaganda, sure, totally trustworthy.

  10. Ukraine's War Thunder tech tree is going to be an absolute mess.

  11. They'll end up lobbing cows at the rate they're consuming their stock.

  12. Not with all those under fed conscripts they have, they'll be lucky to have bones to toss.

  13. Ukraine's War Thunder tech tree is going to be an absolute mess.

  14. Dude's gonna livestream reports of his units demise. Anyway...

  15. I think your mistaken about this been reported from someone on the Russian side. This is coming from the legitimate Ukrainian head of the Luhansk Oblast who has been quite eagerly looking forward to the liberation of the territory he governs.

  16. Lavrov: How dare the West sell weapons to Asia, that's our job!

  17. You're talking potentially thousands of dead, wounded, or captured.

  18. I think Russian command thought they would have more time. From what I understand the Russians had been preparing a number of defensive fall back lines to try and slow down the Ukrainian advance. However the Ukrainians just rolled over them and are now chasing a trapped and panicked Russian army.

  19. whats with the BRRRRRRRRRRR was the missile shot down or did the Russians just open up with anti air guns once it blew?

  20. I interpret it as a built-in 'sad trombone' sound for when something like this happens.

  21. No, the Ukrainian government is warning its people that when they liberate settlements in Luhansk that there won't be enough time to repair infrastructure for heating before winter starts, so its best they leave the cities before then.

  22. Sounds very American. Overly focused on what's in the ground, yet never considers how to actually get it to you. Sure, Siberia will get warmer. But there's no infra-structure. Just vasts amounts of emptiness. Required Investments would be insane. Dunno whether Siberia is very fertile either.

  23. Did you read the article? The piece was talking opportunities and investments for China, it doesn't mention America at all.

  24. Try reading that title again, France is sending 12 Howitzers to Ukraine, rather then to Denmark who will get theirs later.

  25. Now imagine this happening but everyone has been given a gun.

  26. They are on their way land by land. They are only getting stronger as the fight goes on, they are receiving more advanced weapons, their morale is sky high--the fall of Lyman soon will boost it ever more stronger.

  27. One of them is a clown who became a leader, the other is a leader who became a clown.

  28. Get some archers from Sweden!!! West needs to ramp up its industrial capacity to stop Russian Zerg rush.

  29. as a german i would like to know how our gepards are working, how many planes have "we" shot?

  30. I get the impression that their value comes less from how many aircraft they have shot down, but more so from making Russian aircraft too afraid to operate in the area in the first place.

  31. Looks like Putin got what he wanted, Russian tanks parading through the streets of Kyiv, he must be so glad.

  32. And I'm sure ther is devs that more than care about anthem Still... Man why don't they stick the thing on a flash drive with dev tools and "leak" it

  33. Maybe because they don't want to get blacklisted from the industry or face criminal charges if they get caught. Abandoned or not it's still EA's property. A developer would have to be crazy to risk their entire career or livelihood to do something like that.

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