1. Looking to buy 2 Seattle tickets! Open to anything but floor or VIP. Thank you!

  2. Did you still need tickets? I have two different pairs available in either Section 26 ($340 total for the pair) or Section 12 ($440 total for the pair)

  3. Why do these men want to keep taking all my money?

  4. "Crayons Can Melt on Us for All I Care"

  5. As others mentioned, hyper-realism is more of a style of art. It IS a good idea to draw from life (realism) for the purpose of learning lighting/shading, proportions, anatomy, structure, gesture, etc. however these do not need to be learned through hyper realism, you can simplify it which overall will help you understand the fundamentals anyways. You’re just drawing what you observe in order to learn from it, rather than being a human camera.

  6. I was just about to reference the same ones 😂 I’d love to have them in my collection but they are usually sold so expensive 😞

  7. Lol draw you into homosexuality 😂😂😂 it still never ceases to amaze me how many people feel like the smallest things suddenly make you catch the gay.

  8. Skz Felix. Everybody who met him loves him, he seems to get along with everyone and has the sweetest personality.

  9. My personal pet peeve are member specific albums, like the older Stray Kids ones (I am who, Levanter, etc.) where the first page is a specific member which varies from copy to copy. I’m a completionist, I’m the kind of person that will spend hours on a video game to complete every mission and collect every item, I apparently carry this mindset into collecting albums yet I don’t want to have 8 copies of every album just for the first page to be the only difference 😭

  10. I just got vip soundcheck floor tickets (about 7 rows back from the second stage) for Seattle and I’m super excited 😊 to celebrate, I finally bought a light stick. Debating on if I want to decorate it or not 😅

  11. I’m still working on completing my skz collection, I haven’t been getting things in any particular order though 😅only just as I find things at good prices that I don’t have yet 😂

  12. That’s a nice tumbled labradorite piece there 😊

  13. I started mine right after the Stray Kids Oddinary release so like mid March. I’ve only bought other stray kids albums but I have 11 I believe (we just packed up to move, otherwise there would be more I swear 😂 but it is so very addicting.

  14. It kind of looks like malachite but hard to tell for sure from the lighting.

  15. It’s one of my favorites too! I don’t have many pieces right now though :(

  16. Malachite on dolomite. Very pretty piece.

  17. I second this one. I like citrine for sure, however, I think what you got here is far cooler than a piece of citrine 🥰

  18. omg i didn't know that all in has physical versions. i am jealous

  19. Yep! They were Japanese releases along with Top and SKZ2020, and I believe they’re releasing another JP album this year. :)

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