1. Where you ask such is, official Steam discussions, Steam Beta section, feature requests...

  2. You misunderstood Vauban as he's a All-Rounder that his many abilities are SHORT Range and if your Aim is good enough also Long Range so Shotgun is a mismatch for his "Taste". With Vauban, I almost never use any weapons (even carry) at all with his all abilities and much more via Helminth.

  3. You don't seem to grasp the importance of MODDING in Warframe as Frames are designed NOT to be "Perfect" as you expect them to be so that Modding plays a vital role if you know what you're doing or tossing Mods into slots and pray God that build works or not, this is very intended behaviour unlike other games doing it automatically.

  4. ASK for Help in Recruitment Chat, get rid of it and don't spawn anything "accidentally" anymore instead of ending like him;

  5. I'm sorry but you seem to have missed the that this game is called War-FRAME, Not Operator-Frame, not another Human Battle Royale or whatever else you had in mind for complaining so. So Digital Extremes going back to "Roots" where there was No Operator to limit its capabilities is their own decision to make, not yours.

  6. Seems like a bogus article considering that EVERY SteamDeck is a "Guaranteed" Sale thanks to Valve's change of decision to turn into Reservation based model instead of Produce to Stock that has much more costs comparatively and it's too Early to make such estimation as NOT even Q1 promises are yet met as Steam is delaying and delaying due to not increase their manufacturing capacity more than needed to not find themselves into "Stocking" them again, like they did with Steam Link and Controller that ended miserably for a bitter end of

  7. "Warframe isn't Overcooked" is the ONLY thing that's true about your observations and what the .... are you comparing Apples with Broccoli?

  8. They DID that and it FAILED miserably as in

  9. 50k?... Those days as I'm sitting way about 600k without even farming for them as they're abundant most of the planets. What you seek is Nekros +

  10. Useless question to ITCH a wound as you have "No" positive suggestion or even have any answer to your own question but came here to disrupt the peace of this subreddit... Please go away and came back when you have something to add instead of chaois.

  11. It is NOT a "Bypass" for anything... What that command line does is ASK Steam to check if you're eligible to install that game and if there's a FREE possibility to do so, Steam auto-matically gives you the Free License and starts install.

  12. Like strangejourney said, your friend REFUNDED the game so points were never generated, thus you'll get nothing. Current system is flawed that when you're informed about awards, it's POTENTIAL points, not secured and refunds cancel the points.

  13. I get your point that you "Fear" if they're a Gray Market site that sells ILLEGAL Regional Keys so those games are really cheap. Yet know that Mods here ask for "Proof" of their legitimacy (Publisher Keys) before accepting any Key Store to be posted here...

  14. DEPENDS of what you choose as Crew as there are 3 types on their total Points; 8, 10, 12 (Elite). You should never buy a 8 one and 12 one is only available after 512 intrinsic on Command. And you should be CHOOSING them depending on their Points as you have 3 "Extra" points to distribute. First aim for Durability and Combat (4th and 5th) only after either Engineering (3rd) or Gunnery (2nd). So what you want is like this; 05044 or 00544 kind of combinations. Pilot is what you're supposed to be doing as AI Pilot really is crappy...

  15. That put me back at the loading menu for a while, then I got the server problem prompt again.

  16. Another route could have been; SKIP Galaxy to launch the game directly to see if that works or not because sometimes it's indeed the Galaxy being the problem, remember that it's still a Beta application.

  17. Your EVERY Crash is to Digital Extremes upon your next Login, which is a mandatory process for bug tracking. So if developers coded a little Bot that "Alerts" them about if player x has LOTS of crashes one after another and another without a cause and without any tickets to Support for a fix, this may look suspicious on their end...

  18. While "General" Storyline is correct, lots of little mistakes here and there so your overall score comes down to ~80% as I suggest you to re-read

  19. Steam Wallet Fills is just another Purchase in your

  20. Mastery in this game doesn't work as you've learned from other games, give or take... For example, you can bypass MR requirement by using in-game shop (called Market) as well as few other methods.

  21. Excalibur = Melee, close combat. Mag = Caster, ranged combat. Volt = in between, has a Captain America shield and only obtainable via Dojo if you don't pick it as starter.

  22. Steam "forgets" if Externals is unplugged or goes to Sleep, which they often do unless you change that externals settings via its program.

  23. What's the point of asking a DONE deal? Both of Focus v2 retirement as well as what's included in Focus v3 is NOT "Open for Discussion" as Digital Extremes never opened a topic about it on their Official forums.warframe.com.

  24. Where were you? If you really were wanted several prime accessories for SOME TIME as the Event was announced months ago is many MMO related sites like

  25. Check anything on that Browser blocking the Google Captcha, just a hunch.

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