1. I’m sure they won’t have a problem wearing camo jerseys in support of the troops….”shall not kill”

  2. You have to “freeze” a fireplace that’ll let you crawl through it. It’s located in a room where Weasley and Sharpe were talking outside of when doing the demiguise quest for Moon. It’s the door next to the jewel tortoise shell.

  3. Mods on this page are terrible and this will prob get removed but hopefully next season???

  4. yup it was live and snowing real hard doing carpet job ne philly was installing the hallway my buddy yelled check this out lady had tv on in kitchen stuck my head in doorway just in time to see it BANG not a pretty sight makes you feel bad always wondered what could be that bad very sad

  5. I watched a documentary and this dude was set up and would have gone to jail for a long time for things he didn’t do. Killed himself to keep his pension and everything for his wife and kids.

  6. Tell me if it’s still funny the 50th time you walk down that hallway.

  7. My ex did this to me too and I had to file by paper and they reversed it.

  8. So I found this in game and then lost it. I can’t find it anywhere in my inventory.

  9. It’s called the 7 sisters and only 6 are visible with the naked eye and because some ancient god was like “hey girls go down to earth for a day but come back or you’ll be stuck there and become mortal. One of the dumb ass sisters fell in love in less than 24 hrs and traded immortality for some guy she just met.

  10. I’ve thought that but it never happens when I fire an auto assault rifle. So idk.

  11. It’s havocs, devotions, L-Star and Shelia for me. I don’t understand it.

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