1. I can’t for the life of me imagine why he couldn’t resist. lol

  2. Its amazing how many times women say that and yet for a number of guys they seem to think it works! I have yet to find any woman on here who says “please send me as many angles of your dick as you can!”

  3. I just got distracted when I should be working down here in New Zealand

  4. Nothing casual about that. Very intense

  5. Kia ora (Hello) from down under in New Zealand. Sorry to hear you have been having a tough time of late. What a great idea to reach out to others to build a wider community.

  6. Probably too easily as you are very sexy :)

  7. Very welcome. The pleasure was mine in viewing your sexy bod x

  8. Very welcome. Beautiful shaped nipple. X

  9. God, you are mesmerising and beautiful

  10. Awesome and has to be said very fuckable. :)

  11. Thank you!! Happy to be here💕

  12. It’s fun. It’s very work distracting! Lol

  13. Pointing in the right direction. Very sexy

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