1. This guy would make a great live action Earth King from S4 of Legend of Korra

  2. Alcoholic, crackhead, Discount store Daniel Radcliffe.

  3. Have you so soon forgotten the original Phase 3 line up?

  4. Cap fights all the snake based baddies. Consider me whelmed

  5. It’s perfectly fine as an idea for a story, but I really think they want a traditional Norman Osborne / Goblin.

  6. Yeah I absolutely love Norman, would love to see him or Doom as the next big bad. What about you make Harley Hobgoblin?

  7. Nope. Harley was a good kid. If anything he should become the hero version of the Ticker and build gadgets and equipment for heroes.

  8. At the end of the day I just want to bring him back in the MCU and I think that since both him and Peter were protégés to Stark, they would be perfect foils and ripe for drama.

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