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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. absolutely. i've become great at putting up the "i'm fine" facade, but deep down only me and my fellow t1d people know how hard it is to live with this condition (and to some extent my parents).

  2. istg they piss me off so much. my a1c is 8.6 rn and im trynna get it down in the 7's, and i'd be so happy with that as being a teen diagnosed 3.5 years ago has been one hell of a fuckfest for me.

  3. yes. in the immediate it’s that dire, but if you maintain levels that high for several years you will likely start to see complications. but you’re only a few years in and your young — just work on keeping your BG between 80-120 as much as possible, and your a1c should be between 5-7. your endo should help you figure out the right tools and methods. do you have a pump or a cgm?

  4. oh gosh i just realized i meant to say it’s NOT that dire in the immediate haha i’m sorry i hope i didn’t scare you. look at your trends with your doc and see where adjustments can be made to make sure you’re in range more often.

  5. you kinda did scare me 😂 but it's ok. thanks, i feel relieved now. i'm going to try my best to improve my levels.

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