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  1. I'm glad to be seeing this RGB nonsense going away, I've built 5 rigs in the past 12 years and not a one of them had RGB lights

  2. Nope, but whatever they are I meet them. It's most likely something like at least 1 ascended

  3. I dont think so. I dont have Ascended Mehira or Ascended Antandra but they are still in that pack. Somaybe there will be rotation or some sort

  4. I don't mean ascended version of a specific celehypo, but just 1 ascended of any of them, but I could be wrong. Getting downvoted so I assume I'm wrong.

  5. Nice, I've been stuck on 38-12 for weeks now

  6. Can confirm my mom smoked the entire time she was pregnant with me

  7. Haven’t tried the impossible meat yet. I’m sure with the right ingredients like you did here it’s pretty good.

  8. It's actually really good and can be used instead of beef for anything. I will warn you that it does smell odd when you cook it, but it still tastes really good

  9. Still have a HAF932 circa 2009 although it does not have it's original build in it.

  10. I smoke everyday and haven’t caught Covid once

  11. I've never seen such delicious bones

  12. I always knew the year I was born was a good year

  13. Based and hot and salty semen pilled

  14. When I was a field technician for my local ISP I would have older women tell me all the time that they didn't expect me to be so handsome.

  15. Our ft are required to keep tx at the cpe 51 or lower and between -10 and +12 on Downstream levels

  16. Nah over in the area i work in we I run into 23 or 26 vals that are at a 20+ on low channels with a 46 at tap lol. End of line taps are my favorite cause theyre usually easier to work with cause of the low transmit.

  17. We don't run 26 taps here and haven't for years, I can't imagine what the run the actives out at if the low channels are a 20 on a 26 or 23 tap, we run ours out 32 on ch2 and 42 on ch 116 so a 23 tap is 9 on ch 2 a 19 on 116

  18. Ohhh man, I was so distracted by the blatant political bias of the add I didn't even notice lib left down there

  19. Not any worse than identifying as Dem… the party of woke virtue signalers who let BLM burn our cities and groomers teach our kids. I honestly will be choosing greed and corruption over the dumpster fire on the other side of the aisle.

  20. I despise the democrats as well, but let's be honest when it comes to Washington it's just the uniparty burning it all down and enriching themselves. Republican in the Senate and house only feign opposition to the radical agenda of the democrats, the don't do anything for their constiuates, the just promise to slow down the Dems, this has been the case for decades.

  21. From the perspective of a Canadian who is disgruntled with IdPol being an integral part of politics in my country, I hope DeSantis, Trump or similar run in ‘24. The regressive-left agenda needs to be resisted even if the avatar is imperfect.

  22. "Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake" - Sun Tzu

  23. Commie lyncher? Really? I thought you'd be more of a "legally convict them for communism and then hang them" than a "mob justice" type of guy

  24. Being retarded is normal on reddit.

  25. Based and being retarded is normal pilled

  26. PCM is my political security blanket

  27. Utterly Dependent? For most of us average workers, 2-3 Months of Labor per year is stolen via all forms of tax and cost of government.

  28. Based and taxation is slavery pilled

  29. The cartridge slot was for save games, as well as for expanding the RAM. Cheat devices like GameShark and Action Replay used the cartridge slot too.

  30. Ahhh, were there games that required the ram expansion? Kind of like the one for the N64

  31. Yeah. Games like X-Men vs SF / Marvel vs SF and KOF required it. While it was optional for others and provided enhanced graphics/performance.

  32. I played a lot of rayman, bug 1, bug 2, as well as Daytona USA, and Sonic R

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