I recreated Floor 1 of SAO in Minecraft!

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  1. Looks good, but with your magic stat id replace brave blade, plus its nice to have a separate debilitator so you can make room for one more passive, probably null elec.

  2. Am i the only one wondering why the quality of this image is so damn good? Like you can zoom in on a house and itll still be detailed

  3. Honestly, even though it's overplayed on TikTok and Youtube Shorts, it is still one of my favs.

  4. Youtube shorts? You mean literal tiktok just not on tiktok?

  5. I found the raccoon pronoun. THAT explains who's been in my trash...

  6. I've done this thousands of times with hundreds of women ang girls in the last 50 years of my life but it gets old ....it's time for New ventures...

  7. Dart monkey is better than super monkey in terms of actual gameplay

  8. Thanks for understanding. I hope most others are also just misled

  9. Same. It does come off as a little aggressive, but that's justified

  10. no, it's ok to be agressive here. i've seen the "but its 13 years old in japan bro" for more than a decade at this point. its baffling how people still believe its true after all these years.

  11. I would turn his water into poison (i am professor turo)

  12. I am a year late however my friend does, its Walrus_5000 on YT

  13. The LN is officially licensed in English by Yen Press. You can buy them from any online/local bookstore. If you wanna read the Fan Translation then follow the instructions of the below message !ftl

  14. It was my first persona game but made me really interested in the series and now I want to play royal because it’s on the switch

  15. Strikers is the sequel, shouldve played royal first

  16. I know that, but it was a gift from my grandma because she just saw it and thought that I would enjoy it

  17. Ohh gotcha. Enjoy royal, trust me, its gonna be the best game you'll play for a long time

  18. "There ain't enough room in this town for the two of us"

  19. How tf you do a push up with those 25 pound each mfs weighing you down sheesh

  20. If i look at that for 2 more seconds im going to kill myself

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