1. You probably shouldn’t commit to a massive student loan as an unsure 18 year old. More likely than not, you will change career paths but the debt you accrue will stay. I’d recommend taking courses at a JuCo or Community College for a semester if you are not able to commit right away.

  2. i’m 8 months in and just started feeling comfortable. just have to keep showing up

  3. This greatly depends on the CST. Because I’ve worked with a couple of techs that feel like they’re on their 20th year of orientation and they’ve only been in 1-2 specialties

  4. As a hetero guy, you’re very attractive in a I-know-how-to-shop-at-a-thrift-store-and-make-it-work kind of way

  5. I wish I had a more “adult” answer, but it’s the smell for me. Regardless of the partner, I’ve personally never liked the smell of sex. I hate that I don’t like it too because I’ll occasionally get distracted by it and it’s hard to regain focus

  6. In my limited experience at an educational hospital, a surgical PA can take the place of a resident; at least in the OR. Outside the OR I have no idea what they do. They can also fill the role of SA: camera holding, retracting, etc. Go the PA route if you’re able. However, having the SA experience is helpful

  7. Neurosurg resident here, I think most people know Neurosurg is the most difficult so there’s probably not much to talk about there. Gen Surgery is a distant second but even they recognize it’s not anywhere near what we go through.

  8. If you’re able to explain in layman’s terms, what makes Neurosurg the most difficult?

  9. Iam asking like an idiot but pull is back push chest ?xd

  10. Lorna Shore released a 3 part song about the pain and despair you feel when someone who is your life eventually dies. Is it about love and romance? In a way, I guess. I do believe it needs the music video to get the full experience.

  11. I told one I missed what he said cause I didn't have subtitles on.

  12. As a scrub tech, I personally love it when they mumble directly into the chest/abdomen/vagina/anus and then throw a little tantrum, or an instrument on lucky days, when we don’t hear what they say. If they belittle us, well, that’s just the cherry on top!

  13. Just a man thinking out loud: The only reason I came to this sub…4(?) years ago (jeezus) was to read y’all’s stories and gain new perspectives and considerations (excuse me while I pat myself on the back) and ask questions that

  14. ...you read the post, and still made a top level comment knowingly congratulating yourself for doing the minimum. Do you see the problem there?

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