1. Unfortunately, no. Maybe I can find a one month discount and join. Like a really big discount. Although some boxes don't do that. Do they do free boxes like ipsy does bags?

  2. My first one was half off, I believe. I haven't seen it steeper than that, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I just checked Earth Harbor for you in haircare though and nothing came up

  3. You are so sweet for all this info and checking that for me. I'm a whore for all earth Harbor. I'm glad there is no beach waves or I would cry but I'm crying over whatever other EH products they have. Seriously thank you. You went out of your way to be so nice to me.

  4. Mine was drier than the Sahara too. They're sending a replacement 🙄😩

  5. The glitter flakes off the rainbow one. That's an immediate pass for me, unfortunately, as it is very cute.

  6. Seemed like it was very limited, ended up getting 3 tatcha indigo and a foxybae mask, the tatcha will be used to replenish my gift supply stash and I will be enjoying the mask.

  7. How did you add three of the Tatcha? I tried doing it and couldn't remember how 🤣

  8. Dang it! The Saint Jane body serum already sold out.

  9. I don't know about that. I refreshed right at 9pt and it was already "sold out" with a number of other items. Hoping maybe they add it in in the morning? Idk but I definitely wanted to try that

  10. Ive managed to stay away from any refreshments items until recently with Boxy. I got a bar of soap in this scent and I thought it smells terrible 🤣 tossed it right in the trash

  11. "To make this right" ... Send us the correct perfumes!!! 🙄

  12. I didn't have the time yesterday to file a dispute due to some personal stuff and checked my email this morning to find this. Still a sketchy thing they did but hopefully those of us who just received these (or haven't yet) now don't have to reach out.

  13. I like Cosrx and Mighty patch. I tried the star ones and wasn't impressed. But that was also not long after they came out, maybe they're better now.. 🤷‍♀️

  14. I grabbed the wakeheart full size perfumes. I got that duo of samples in the mail today and thought they both smelled really nice.. I need more perfume like I need a hole in the head but for $14 (plus handling plus tax) 🤷‍♀️

  15. I haven't tried their fragrances before, but I looked up reviews on the scents and they seem to be well liked. If they aren't for me I can either find a friend who likes them or sell on Mercari as sampled. You can't beat the price.

  16. Absolutely!! That's my thinking as well. I know I will use/enjoy one, for sure.

  17. Yay! This is awesome. I've had generally good experiences with CS, as well.

  18. I keep checking for the May Glam X products that I ended up loving and never see them pop up to buy. So disappointing. I wonder when Boxy is doing the public sales again and if they’ll be there.

  19. Do we have any idea when the Boxy sale will be? I'm not a member but bought some awesome stuff the last time they opened it to everyone

  20. It always opens Monday, week after open for subscribers. If I am not wrong they open this Monday for subscribers and next Monday at 9am PST will be open for everyone

  21. Does anyone have a screenshot of the add ons? I’d love to see what I’m missing haha!

  22. If you have Instagram, I just found all the add-ons on @ipsyboxyspoilers.. it's the current second post

  23. 🤣 Sorry! It does seem like a good batch of add-ons this month

  24. I'm also really loving the products! I can't quantify the results yet because I'm lazy with skincare and have fallen asleep with my makeup on twice this week. 🤣

  25. I ordered almost immediately too and mine was delivered yesterday. I live Arizona. I don't think my tracking ever updated either. Maybe there's hope yet

  26. Interested in the Rare Beauty compact. Is there a full thing of compact powder under the puff? Is it matte translucent?

  27. No, it's so weird. Apparently the powder is in the puff and you're supposed to tap it a couple times to activate it or something?

  28. Thank you. I read that and didn't wanna believe that but I guess it's true. Lol is the powder any good? Or does it feel super drying?

  29. I'm not sure as I don't own it 🤣. I just remember seeing it in a YouTubers video (Tati maybe) and thinking "wth is that" so I looked it up. I bet the powder is probably ok if you can even get any out. I saw a lot of people say there was very little if any in the puff.

  30. Ooooh lucky! The Yensa foundation! Definitely need to pick one of those up if they're offered again

  31. I want the kimchi blush but I don't want anything else in the bundle so my wallet is safe, too. All the better. I just spent $25 at the used book store today, so I didn't need to spend anymore right now.

  32. It's been available several other times either alone or in a bundle so hopefully there will be other opportunities to get it in the future. It's a really pretty blush, definitely one of my favorites

  33. As always, thanks for this. I can't stand to scroll through the endless listings of nothingness on their broken website so your effort is appreciated!

  34. I'm dealing with this also, right now on the toykomilk perfume, said it was shipped on May 10th, but not updated since

  35. I think you'll be fine maybe. If it says shipped then they fulfilled the order. But it might have been damaged.or something in shipping. Had that happen with another Tokyo perfume and they couldn't replace it because they were sold out. Hope you receive it!

  36. It has been saying shipped, but just left north Carolina yesterday, so it actually just went out lol

  37. Yes! It smells fantastic. Average on the moisturization, but I still really like it.

  38. Same with the Haus - looks great, but Poshmark and EBay for $14~

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