1. Soft classics can be pretty curvy (à la kirsten dunst) and romantics can be not that curvy at all (à la christina ricci) + romantics can be moderate!! marilyn’s persona, face, and body were more perfectly complimented by the very feminine styling thus forth she’s the prime romantic example, even in her not as curvy days.

  2. This is my first time quitting, 4 days ago. Went cold turkey. I’m still struggling, but forums like this really help.

  3. Do you get heart attacks from quitting? This is so stupid but it’s one of my biggest fears with quitting… I’m afraid the vaping will kill me in my sleep and the not vaping will kill me in my sleep.

  4. You might get anxiety but heart attacks? Probably not. It lowers your chance of heart attacks significantly when you’re off the nic. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns though.

  5. Thanks, I’m just a really anxious person to begin - nicotine and the nicotine withdrawal is just making it worse 😭😭 Thanks for the help though, it’s great knowing other people are going through the same thing and succeeding like you said

  6. It doesn’t even feel like a selling app anymore. I saw someone post their OF link as a listing 😬

  7. Yep. I’ve pretty much stopped using it and it was my go to for years

  8. this is so funny oh my god 😭 i always knew i was just like tommy devito

  9. I accommodate curve not the way kibbe recommends - i usually wear stretchy tops because i find that they end up fitting perfectly in terms of fitting my boobs and showing off the waist, i also usually look for skirts and dresses that are similar (or have a seam around the waist). for pants, i usually look for higher waisted pants that are fitted in the waist band and thighs.

  10. I think mini dresses work on D/FN/SD not because of the long, unbroken line of the garment but because the legs take over as the vertical aspect - you’re showing off the natural long lines of your body

  11. This may not be what you wanted to hear, but I wonder if your subconscious/body is telling you it’s time to get back to a healthy weight. I used to be super underweight when I was anorexic and I always told myself “no i can never recover” until I had a wake up call and realized I had to. It can be really scary, but no one is going to think of you differently once you get to a normal weight - it feels better too to be able to do what you love without worrying about what you’re (not) going to eat or how weak you feel or how you look. I wish you the best!!

  12. I tried way too hard to understand what the hemoglobin this person was trying to say.

  13. Honestly I had never heard of those two until I was researching Kibbe types. I’m trying to see if I can find any DC actresses that play conventional (heroine) roles.

  14. i don’t think that’s a result of hollywood casting directors deciding that every woman with a chiseled and symmetrical face and physique be black listed from staring roles and more a result of david kibbe being an old man who probably verifies people he’s either seen around new york or on whatever old-man television shows he’s watching

  15. I mean it’s just a couple roles but is it a coincidence that those two women play edgy characters?! Lizzy Caplan has been cast as a bunny boiler in Fatal Atttraction for gods sake and Siffs character in Sons of Anarchy need I say more. I’m not trying to troll this discussion sometimes I just talk outspoken like this 😬. I was in the dog house once from the mods.

  16. i mean those are just two of their roles. maggie siffs in mad men is as a shrewed and guarded business woman. lizzy caplan has been cast in a lot of “edgy” roles but again i don’t think that has to do with her kibbe type (something not many people know of, or guess at) but just that it’s the kind of role she’s good at. brie larson is a probable DC and has had a variety of roles 🤷‍♀️

  17. ikr!! it’s weird because he gave color season-based makeup suggestions in the book but didn’t do the same for garment colors!

  18. i don’t like big patterns or bold colors 😭 i’m a black, white, and stripes girl 🤷‍♀️

  19. My main go to for professional attire is: ankle length slim cut trousers with a plain satin or cotton blouse with a cropped, fitted blazer + a knee length pencil skirt with a plain satin or cotton blouse - i like to use a white top and black bottoms to create some color blocking

  20. IMO a-line skirts really aren’t the most flattering cut on many people due to the skirt being so flat and heavy - obscuring the figure of the wearer. I think shorter a-line skirts don’t really even exist since things like skater skirts have more of a movement to them. I think that the only type who could really pull off an a-line is a pure dramatic, due to the geometric shape of the skirt itself along with the heavy fabric with which they are typically constructed

  21. I would suggest bias-cut midi/maxi skirts, especially in silk or satin fabrics :)

  22. i think it comes down to bone structure. soft naturals are actually predominantly yang vs a romantic being pure yin. soft naturals are going to have the appearance of strength and a defined frame. a SN like katy perry who is narrow in build is still a soft natural because she carrie’s that appearance of strength - the edges of her body (jaw, shoulders, etc) are “squared off”. a romantic can be “wide” but they have the appearance of being very rounded and delicate - ones bone structure is not as prominent. i hope this helps.

  23. No they will not. They will suck but they will not be fatal, it’s not like alcohol or benzodiazepines where you can die from seizures. You might get “brain zaps” but you will not die

  24. Withdrawals definitely wont kill you! A good way to think about it is, the withdrawals are what keep you hitting your device. It's that drop in nicotine that keeps us fiending for more. Once our bodies have eliminated the nicotine then the physical withdrawals go away. After that it's all a mental game. Allan Carrs audio book or physical copy is a good one, I quit smoking cigarettes with it but there is a vaping version.

  25. Like even sarcastically saying the “female sin of not being curvy” followed with pictures of a bunch of women sets a bitter and judgmental tone, even if it’s not the intention! as joan didion said: “it is possible for people to be the unconscious instruments of values they would strenuously reject on a conscious level”

  26. If you're intelligent enough to understand that I was being sarcastic when I put "So You've Committed the Feminine Sin of Not Being Curvy" in the title, I cannot imagine how you would have missed the fact that this inherently means that I was mocking the very idea that not being curvy is something negative...unless you know how to identify sarcasm but not what it is.

  27. i know you were mocking the idea that not being curvy is a sin, but i think of one’s goal is to celebrate and uplift people - sarcasm isn’t the way to go! i said the tone is bitter, not you. i didn’t see this and go - “yay women who look like me! i’m inspired!” as much as i felt “wow this isn’t coming from a truly happy place”. and once again, most people don’t care if you’re curvy or not!! fashion blogs and incels aren’t the majority

  28. I love jeans that are straight cut and end above the ankle

  29. Now, is there any particular look you’re looking for?(lol). Goth? Punk? Twee? Eclectic? Give me some keywords so i can come up with some ideas!

  30. Thanks! I guess my the styles I tend to like are either Goth, Twee, or Retro (1940s - 1960s).

  31. okay so the most obvious thing is darker colors (plums, dusty pinks, blacks, maroons, navy blue, etc). i think details like black lace, floral embroidery, and fun buttons (engravings, gemstones, etc) would work really well. i think clothing item wise: black cigarette pants, kitten heels and mary janes, soft well-fitted sweaters, 90s or 90s style midi dresses, pussy bow blouses, and fitted knee length skirts with some detail like lace or a ruffled edge. jewelry options could be smaller gothic style pieces, as colorful gemstones instead of something like white rhinestones or pearls. some fun accessories like printed tights and a unique bag could also be a way to bring your style more forward. hope this helps!!

  32. I think we think of makeup as being a way to fix our features to meet this “perfect” face, but often times it just looks weird. Sharper, stronger makeup is going to look better on sharper, stronger features because it won’t look as “put on” - same goes for soft, delicate makeup on a soft, delicate face.

  33. TRs look best in draped, soft, flowing fabrics and clothes with a lot of ornate very feminine details. SGs are going to look best in lightweight but “crisp” fabrics - clothes that hold their shape and more animated detail (think like florals and ruffles for TR VS polka dots and bows - just an example)

  34. What's the difference in the fabrics from SN then? This is where I get confused the lines a blurry between what is recommended for SN and TR.

  35. well the fabric reconditions for the yin/yin influenced types are all pretty similar! the details and construction of the garments differentiate. SNs as naturals are going to look better with looser details, garments that are simply constructed, and with a loosely/lightly defined waist. TRs as romantics are going to look better with very “frilly” details (ie. ruffles, rhinestones, smaller patterns like ditzy florals), garments that flow or have a rounded shape, and an emphasized waist (a visual at the waist vs something like subtle ruching)

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