1. Yea it can make you nauseous, one of my friends will vomit after taking tabs and mushrooms, I get really nauseous on mushrooms and one of my other friends can tank both like no one's business.

  2. OP please talk to your doctor, while I am glad you are trying to quit benzos you should not just cold turkey quit. Benzo withdrawal can be fatal. You should at least have someone watching over you to make sure you don't end up having a sezuire. Benzo withdrawal is no joke.

  3. The video you are posting are not the Columbus doors. Do you know what the Columbus doors even look like?

  4. My brother in christ are you illiterate?

  5. No problem, hope you get a sudden boost in flavourful hits!

  6. Yes haha I have this really good sugar right now and...yeah the whole thing was noticably better. What a stoner moment.

  7. That was me last week. I was loading flower into my crystal cup while rocking crystal mode. Took me a while to realize it.

  8. So can a business deny me service because of my skin color or religion?

  9. No there are laws against that. You know that, stop trying to play devils advocate when there have been laws on this for years. You should go re read the declaration of independence, the constitution and the catch up on the civil rights act!

  10. So there’s a civil “right” to enter a business like a restaurant or theatre? Got it.

  11. Yes a civil right to not be denied into a movie theater or reasturant because of skin color, religion, nationality, etc. It is not a basic right as a human to go to the movies or out to eat.

  12. I don’t expect woketards to understand reality but on the off chance, here.

  13. That's a really cool news article, but do you have one not done by Matt Walsh. Possibly one that Is medical journal or a census, even raw statistics would be nice! Or even a article that is you know somewhat close to what you were talking about.

  14. https://lozierinstitute.org/six-states-and-their-radical-approaches-to-abortion-law/

  15. Very cool article again, however UT doesn't pertain to the original point at all.

  16. Your response of “the baby might not grow up to have an extremely coddled and wealthy upbringing and everything be perfect so we might as well kill it if it’s going to be an inconvenience” it’s ridiculous. Ending a life before it has a chance to reach any potential whatsoever l, while The overwhelming number of people who get abortions is out of convenience not rape or incest, Shows that it has nothing to do with the baby and everything to do with taking responsibility for your actions

  17. Let's start this over since you're so dense.

  18. So every person who is in foster care who has a successful adult life is a waste of a person? The point I was making is it no one has a perfect childhood or upbringing. Everyone has scars and experiences damage as a child. Some more than others, some less than others. But terminating any opportunity to live and experience life while claiming that’s the issue is ridiculous. The issue is people want convenience by claiming it’s because of the foster care system. I don’t buy it

  19. Abortion isnt federal it should be left up to the states… people expect the federal gov to do everything for them. When the USA was first created federal gov had very little and the states held the power forcing the federal gov to work for them. Now it opposite the states work for the federal gov

  20. If you think the Feds should set abortion law, which was far more lenient than many other countries in Europe, Asia, South America etc., and against the principles held by many of the citizens of certain states of the union then by all means get congress and the Senate to vote on it.

  21. Alcohol has been legal for quite some time. Most people handle their liquor. Some people are poor alcoholics

  22. Actually I'd consider myself more of a ket, dmt, morphine guy, I only use cannabis for medical purposes. And it seems you do have a problem with potheads, "Others are still just potheads" is a rather backhanded statement to make after saying you celebrate them.

  23. So you like sedation? What a surprise. You struggle with comprehension. And look at life like checkers vs chess.

  24. It's not safe for me to do stimulants since I've had a heart arrhythmia since birth. Stimulants will make my heart beat too fast putting unnecessary strain on my heart. Now I make exceptions every so often to do MDMA or LSD but I make sure I'm supervised and safe.

  25. Talk about being disconnected from reality. I know a girl who got an abortion after fucking 3 guys in two weeks. Didn't effect her emotionally at all. I also know women who have explicitly celebrated both their abortion and the fact that they can have abortions.

  26. My anecdotal evidence is the final word!

  27. I use a dynavap, vapbong, and I just purchased a Dr dabber switch which can also do concentrates.

  28. In all honesty, I was taking edibles and smoked the entire time I had covid. It let me sleep and eat without caring about the no taste. I didn't have any respiratory issues either so I said fuck it.

  29. I think it's Balenciaga that has a really worn out, holes everywhere, pair of sneakers for sale for a ridiculous amount of money. People are crazy.

  30. Nah balenciaga has pre distressed shoes, I own a pair of the triple s which came pre distressed.

  31. I honestly forgot about that collection just kinda blocked it out. And I'm not going to even try to defend it other than Balenciaga is self aware enough to realize what they are making is fucking dumb. But Demna knows people will pay.

  32. Who fucking knows. I was just making the point getting 6k as a kid in high-school is not hard, especially if you plan on shooting a fucking school up.

  33. Well idk what school you went to, but getting 6k isn't easy regardless of age, imo. But then again, I'm not doing any illegal shit to get 6k.

  34. Not hard to make money when you start doing illegal things.

  35. To add just one thing about cleaning, let it cool somewhat before you dry q-tip your puddle or you'll end up with a nasty black dot in the center of your bowl that is hard to get off without a torch. (Advice I wish I'd had lol)

  36. Forgot to mention that, definitely let the chamber cool fully before using iso also don't wanna crack it.

  37. Ok so here's the best way to use the puffco. I also have the original and the pro.

  38. Yeah, it taste and smells good. Im just going to mix it in with my other stuff I guess...

  39. Try and make some edibles with it, at least you can get the effects from it.

  40. What do you like OP? I can give you endless suggestions but if you're looking for certain effects, smells, terps, etc.

  41. Please let me know if you end up doing this. Been wanting to try it but didn't want to waste dmt.

  42. Oooo I love GMO cookies, I haven't found the live resin yet! How is it?

  43. It's ok, it could be better. It's not nearly as potent as some of the other concentrates in the program but the flavor is insane.

  44. I’m desperate for something that works I guess. I don’t have schizophrenia or anything, the episodes were clearly tied to the drugs. But yeah the last one lasted like 6 months. I was hoping it was maybe just a sensitivity to THC specifically.

  45. Hey OP you need to stay away from psychedelics completely. You may not have schizophrenia but you clearly have some form of psychosis. You should not be ingesting a microgram of any psychedelic substance or in all honesty drugs in general except maybe some SSRI's.

  46. Cleans as well as any glass. Just did a cleaning in mine and it is back to its original state.

  47. Similar question …. Hows the filling and emptying? I use a funnel for the stock pro.

  48. Same as the og top. Fill in through the top empty it through the top.

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