Brazilian priest João Paulo Araujo Gomes, from the Diocese of Caruaru, takes abandoned dogs off the streets, feeds them, bathes them, and then presents a dog to each mass, to be adopted. Dozens of stray dogs already have a home thanks to the priest.

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  1. No dia que eu perder minha voz/paciência com aluno não querendo prestar atenção na aula eu vou estar biruleibe das ideias. Se discutir o que rolou no frifas ou no tiktok for mais importante que a aula, eu continuo falando sozinho. Não vou ficar tirando água do mar com um balde pra ter um pico de atenção de dois minutos.

  2. Complexado do jeito que sou eu fiquei imaginando que tinha algo errado nas alternativas hahaha

  3. pensei que era porque tinha que escrever v ou f dps marcar x


  5. the clothes are very simple (but pretty an cool) but these expresions and poses are gold

  6. I’d like to think she recorded it herself and is literally just jamming out to her own song

  7. I don't think it's possible because it seems difficult that she recorded, wrote, played the instruments and released it.

  8. kisss your perfect day goooodbyyyyeeeee becaaaauuuuseee the wooorld in oon fiiiireee...

  9. Yeah, James was pretty well-developed in comparison because Harry seemed to care about him more than his mom. We know Lily was pretty, and smart, and stood up for those she loved, but what were her flaws? Who were her friends? What did she get up to while Snape was inventing spells/getting involved with Death Eaters and James was becoming an Animagus/making mischief with his friends?

  10. Also, how was the relationship between she and James? How did she started liking James? No wonder the fans want a marauders movie/book, theres so many things we didnt see, especially about Lily

  11. In my view, the trope isnt "immortality bad" but "does it worth it?". All of the pain is worth it if it means you will live forever?

  12. Maybe her trauma would’ve been different, but different doesn’t mean better.

  13. What I meant is that she might not hallucinate with Mylos voices, but Vis

  14. It's funny how Jinx expects Vi to accept the way jinx has changed while not accepting how Vi has changed either. She rejects the idea of her being with caitlyn under any circumstances.

  15. Jinx believes Vi replaced her with Caitlyn, but she replaced Vi with Silco much longer ago.

  16. Uh, look Okay, I'm hoping that somebody pray for me I'm praying that somebody hope for me I'm staying where nobody 'posed to be P-P-Posted, being a wreck of emotions Ready to go whenever, just let me know The road is long, so put the pedal into the floor The enemy on my trail, my energy unavailable I'ma tell 'em hasta luego I know they wanna plot on my trot to the top I've been outta shape, thinkin' out the box, I'm an astronaut I blasted off the planet rock to cause catastrophe And it matters more because I had it not Had I thought about wreaking havoc on an opposition Kinda shocking they wanted static with precision,I'm automatic Quarterback, I ain't talkin' sacking Pack it, pack it up, I don't panic Batter, batter up, who the baddest? It don't matter 'cause we at ya throat

  17. this is where the magical world of fanfiction is very useful

  18. pela descrição seria todos os nomes das vitimas conhecidas no holocausto...

  19. além de que é só os que foram mortos por nazistas, imaginam os que foram atingidos indiretamente, tipo morreram de fome e etc

  20. Aham, enfermeiros também, qualquer situação bizarra eles tiram fotos e divulgam em grupos e etc.., tipo se for alguém com algo entalado no toba eles tiram foto e explanam tudo.

  21. eu até entendo você achar meio bizarro se for algo excepcionalmente bizarro ou contar por aí que atendeu uma paciente assim e assado, mas explanar a identidade do cara ou tirar foto sem permissão é demais

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