1. Blood on the cobblestones is the only video game music I’ve actively sought out and listened to on Spotify. You could say it “slaps aard.”

  2. I love that song. Is that what plays when you kill Radovid?

  3. I can’t remember, but it’s one of the common soundtracks for combat in Novigrad. Can’t remember if it pops up in Oxenfurt. I always drag out street fights in Novigrad so I can listen to it haha.

  4. I always talk to him. Gives me Witcher 2 vibes with all the political machinations, the only thing W2 did better than 3 imo.

  5. Being public about your antisemitism is breaking a taboo, but antisemitism itself - public or private - is hardly something new. He's not "breaking the old tablets," let alone writing new ones, even if he is putting a fist through the glass pane of public decorum. It's a cheap version of Nietzscheanism, if it is one at all, because there is nothing new or unique behind what is otherwise just raw hatred. There's no "revaluation of values" here, just the recycling and bringing to the surface of a very old value - scapegoating of Jews.

  6. I've smelled a bunch of supposed weed fragrances and none of them quite do it for me. They all smell like patchouli or else use notes that are similar to weed but don't really smell like it, like vetiver, yerba mate, birch tar/smoke, etc. I'd like to see a weed fragrance that uses terpenes. Terpinolene, which is commonly used in fragrances, smells like lemon kush on its own, I can't understand why no one has gone that route.

  7. This is a good point as well. There was a lot of issues with mass looting of artifacts from the Baghdad Museum and other sites (not by us, mind you), so it's possible they were requesting security assistance.

  8. Just look at what ISIS did in Syria, or the Taliban earlier with Buddhist statues in Afghanistan. Erasing the past and history that doesn’t suit your narrative is a common instrument of war.

  9. There's definitely a gap between stereotypical "gamers" and the people who play games in 2022. I feel like I've kind of straddled that gap myself; I was pretty into video games in the late 90s as an elementary/middle schooler, but my parents were pretty strict about it and I could never play often enough to get good at anything. I wanted to be one of those LAN party uber gamers, but it just didn't come together and I lost my interest after my Game Gear finally broke in 8th grade and our computer wasn't good enough to keep up with the games I wanted to play.

  10. please tell this to my mom. she thinks that gaming is mindlessly clicking on a screen and that tv rots your brain less. the stories and emotions from tv and books are still there, just in a more interactive format.

  11. Haha I wish I could help. For what it's worth, I'm 36 and my mom still basically thinks that about video games. She acts like anything I tell her about is just Doom or Wolfenstein, both of which I think I secretly installed on our family PC, and she has not forgotten.

  12. I already have a bottle of this but highly recommend it to anyone who likes sweet tobacco fragrances, but not quite as cloying as Tobacco Vanille. It's got a whiskey note that really reminds me of Maker's Mark, haven't found anything similar. I'm going to be wearing it a lot between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  13. Yes, it is an awesome boozy tobacco.

  14. Ohh yeah, I used to have a decant of STH and the rum note in that one is just as good as the whiskey in Tobacco Oud. But TO definitely has that dense, thick Tom Ford vibe, which I kinda prefer.

  15. I would be into it. I've never played any of those games for exactly that reason - I'm big on narrative and lore, but they have to be in tandem for me. Give me lots of lore, but show me within the narrative arc of the game how it all fits into the story. I don't mind making some connections on my own, but the way the Wild Hunt is shown in Witcher 3 is a good example of how cutscenes and dialogue flesh out what could be explained through lore alone. And even with all the added content, the Wild Hunt still manages to come across as very enigmatic and mysterious.

  16. The Ubermensch is something to be pursued, but not an endpoint. It's a mirage that's worth chasing even knowing you'll never catch up to it. This quote from the late notebooks expresses this spirit which I think is applicable to a lot of his ideas:

  17. The real benefit of a low honor play through to me is causing chaos, robbing people, robbing businesses, getting wildly high bounties, etc. I did a low honor playthrough all the way once, but usually I just take advantage of the mayhem early on, then greet everyone in St. Denis to get the better ending.

  18. This is much more fun. Played low honor a few times. My first playthrough I maxed out bounties in every town and had bounty hunters on my ass throughout the entire game. It was non-stop action, killing and robbing.

  19. Definitely. If you only play high honor, you miss out on a lot of aspects of the game. Standing in a field of dead bounty hunters is a satisfying feeling.

  20. I'm itching to start up again as well, it's been almost a year since my last play through and I've been holding off. I'm using this as an excuse to finally play Mass Effect, so that should keep me busy until the 14th. I've always had ME on the back burner but it's keeping me distracted pretty effectively.

  21. Comme des Garcons Odeur 71 does an amazing job of capturing that smell. This is the list of notes:

  22. I'm a big fan of Hermes Jardin Sur Le Toit. Nice crisp/green apple and pear notes, alongside more generic green/leafy/stem type notes for an orchard vibe (it's actually supposed to smell like Hermes' rooftop garden in Paris). An apple fragrance that doesn't smell like gummy candy!

  23. With the question do you mean to ask how one can express something so authentic and personal in that you are marveling at how Dostoevsky and Nietzche were able to do it, or are you asking how one can go about doing it?

  24. I guess that seems, to me anyway, like the question both Nietzsche and Dostoevsky are responding to. And it's a question I ask myself. I'm not sure it's a question that can be given an answer by some literary or philosophical figure, but it's still worth thinking about.

  25. Dostoevsky's greatest source of true crime stories was more personal than what he found in the news. In Siberia he had listened to the anecdotes of several of the murderers and rapists that he was in prison with, and even wrote them down so he wouldn't forget. I always imagined that this was why he was able to create such a compelling depiction of a criminal through Raskolnikov.

  26. Oh that's a good point. I've always read about his time in Siberia being important in his religious and political shift, but I never thought about the fact that he must've drawn tons of source material from his fellow prisoners.

  27. Igni is the way. They are humanoid and thus burn easily and just flail in agony instead of attacking you. Takes a few minutes doing about 1 damage but they never attack back haha.

  28. I was actually using an igni build at the time, but I get bored spamming igni and wanted more of a challenge from the fight. If the sword from Hattori was better I would've just powered through it.

  29. I tried doing it super early around level 10, but I was playing on death match and the amount of time it took me just to kill one dwarf made me give up until I was a higher level.

  30. Damn! I've seen him shoot his own horse but he's never shot mine. Come to think of it, I usually kill him after he shoots his horse so maybe he just never had the chance.

  31. I played the game while taking a huge 1 year break right in the middle, and forgot who I romanced at the beginning, then romanced the other and got the forever alone ending haha.

  32. Oh no, I’ve always been curious about that ending but can’t bring myself to do it!

  33. BR540 has a latex/vinyl note that IC is missing. IC smells more straightforwardly sweet and has a kind of vanilla/maple syrup/pancake note to it that's a bit more cloying than anything in BR540. I'm pretty anosmic to BR540 though so I ended up buying IC as a decent substitute for that style that I could actually smell.

  34. Acqua di Parma Leather has a toned down version of the Tom Ford style leather note - a lot classier and more subdued. Bottega Veneta Pour Homme has a nice soft suede note - subtle, but present behind the aromatic/piney notes. Zegna Peruvian Ambrette smells like new car interior type leather, or new shoes.

  35. I enjoyed the previous GoW but I felt like the game's content was more geared toward combat than story. Granted obviously there is a really great story at play, and the main quest story was a lot of fun, although not very long (at least compared to W3).

  36. I had same problem with side quests and characters. They had very little lore, too much focus on grinding. Not to mention wherever you went, you came across same 2 dwarfs. It broke my immersion a lot after coming from most other games where you meet different characters in each side quest.

  37. Yeah when I read a review before I played it, it mentioned that you can upgrade your weapons at the dwarven smiths. I assumed that meant a large number of smiths scattered throughout the world. Not... the same two characters over and over. I liked the way they kept popping in which was sort of funny, but yeah, more NPC diversity would've been nice.

  38. Oud for Greatness is about the most friendly and unoffensive oud in existence. I think the Youtubers are talking about the really fecal, animalic, barnyard style ouds. OfG is more medicinal, woody, resinous, etc. Natural oud oils have that stank smell, so you'll find that in more artisanal or Middle Eastern fragrances, or something like Dior Leather Oud, maybe Le Labo Oud 27. OfG is more in the vein of TF Oud Wood - unique and different but not off putting per se.

  39. This gives me a lot more confidence in the fragrance, thank you. Also why would somewhere wear something that smells...fecal and animalic? The fragrance that I blind bought was Incense Cedrat Boise and the animalic accord in there completely puts me off. Is that something people are really in to?

  40. I guess it's like any sort of odd-tasting (or smelling) delicacy: truffles, duck liver, etc. Its an acquired taste but it has a lot of complexity compared to other notes. Also it's the oud oil, not the wood itself, that has the funky smell. Japanese incense uses oud wood/resin and it smells a lot more like OfG or TF Oud Wood - medicinal, resinous, woody, complex, but not funky. OfG reminds me of one of my favorite Japanese incenses, Baieido's Tobiume. The process of distilling it gives it the funky smell, but people like that too.

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