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  1. LF: 5IV Ralts and/or 5IV Mimikyu

  2. nah i just don’t know shit bout pokémon he do be cute tho

  3. hen8 says:

    That’s fine, Lotad is always Lotad

  4. 747! I'm sad because that aircraft is retired. How about u?

  5. hen8 says:

    Aww that’s sad knowing the last one just got delivered

  6. hmm the nose of a350 looks too pointy for me lol. Have you ever been on a350 before?

  7. hen8 says:

    I haven’t, but that’s why I said purely on visuals tbh lol. Want to continue the chat in DMs?

  8. hen8 says:

    …i have no idea why people are assuming that me putting Quaquaval under “they/them” means I think it’s gay, I never said that

  9. hen8 says:

    (Shipping and handling fees may apply. Not valid for residents of MS, AK, or HI)

  10. hen8 says:

    “Ooo lotad cant eat yur sol, it wuldnt taste goood”

  11. hen8 says:

    “Yur sol is rosted? Maybi it taste goood!”

  12. hen8 says:

    Thank you for doing an AMA, I respect what you stand for but what worries me is that the issues you want to tackle would only attract Democrat votes, and therefore the election would be based purely on who belongs to which party rather than the candidates’ views. Do you think you will get any votes from people who are not Democrat, and if so, how?

  13. hen8 says:

    Yes! It took a while, and multiple times I thought “is this all there is to this subreddit? I talk a bit and then once the more basic stuff is over we never message again?” The answer is no! If you message enough people someone will be the one (or maybe more if you’re really lucky) that stands out as a bestie! Keep trying!

  14. Weren't these guys on America's got talent? They had some kind of comedy magic act

  15. hen8 says:

    Yes they were! I actually only looked at the comments to see if anyone else recognized them from it.

  16. hen8 says:

    Yes. All the stereotypes you see on TV make fun characters but they are just that. Stereotypes. By definition untrue. There are a lot of LGBTQ+ people who won’t get along with the flamboyant stereotypical people either.

  17. hen8 says:

    In my opinion, this doesn’t matter too much because there is a big difference between being on a big talk show once or being signed to make an album once for example and performing in Las Vegas. Just because you did one big thing doesn’t mean you must be a celebrity, the reality is very far from that. Even winning another Got Talent isn’t quite like winning America’s Got Talent (or Britain’s Got Talent) from my experience. To me this show is about taking people who want to be in the entertainment business and giving them an outlet to truly break into it.

  18. Do you mean it is about giving people who have already had some level of success a bigger platform to increase their chances of a breakthrough in entertainment? If that is what you mean I agree. But if you mean that the show gives random people with no prior entertainment experience and/or a significant level of success an opportunity than I totally disagree

  19. hen8 says:

    Yes, I think it is about giving people who have some level of success a better chance of a breakthrough. Many people who want to be in the industry anyways have already done at least some things to try to get inside of it anyways. :)

  20. hen8 says:

    There used to be three live show rounds: 3 Quarterfinals, 2 Semifinals, 1 Finals, where there was a total of 36 performers and 6 live weeks. Now they decided to fit more performers into the same 6 weeks, 55 instead of 36, but the only way to do that is to eliminate a round altogether (Quarterfinals are gone). Now there are 5 Semifinals and 1 Finals so now waaay less people move on each day, but it means if they do move on they are directly in the finals. Hope this helps!

  21. I was playing badminton, and had one point left to win. However, the other player got ME, out, but the game still gave ME the point, and they lost! I've seen it happen multiple times, where it assigns the wrong person the point. Has this happened to anyone else?

  22. hen8 says:

    I think what happened is that it landed outside the court, like in tennis, and because they are the one who hit it out of the court, you got the point. It’s hard to see because of the camera though

  23. hen8 says:

    I love Animal Crossing but I don’t think I can do anything lol.

  24. This is great info! We just got some tickets to attend an upcoming taping. I was just wondering if you knew why there are two different times for the same day? For example we could choose tickets for 1:30 or 2:30 on the same day. I’m assuming it’s to help with the crowds and lines, but is there any benefit to one or the other? Obviously I’d prefer the later one if that means less time sitting around but not if it means sitting in the back. Thanks so much!

  25. hen8 says:

    I’m not entirely sure if you do get better seats in the first queue, but I will say that the earlier I’ve showed up, the better the seats I have gotten. And the queues kind of merge together, there isn’t one queue for the 1:30 tickets and another separate for the 2:30. So it’s very likely that the 2:30 tickets will have worse seats, but still I won’t say anything for sure.

  26. Thank you again! Oh are you planning to go again this year? I was planning to try out the 8/17 final show one but then we got a puppy so I might just get ticket next year instead.

  27. hen8 says:

    Yeah, I’m hoping to go again this year. I’ll see if anything’s different

  28. Find a hobby and some events or gathering places for people interested in that hobby. Not sure your age but it's obviously easier if you can drive.

  29. hen8 says:

    What kind of hobbies do you think there would be groups for? And do you have any suggestions of where to look besides google?

  30. Joining a club? A lot of board game stores have game nights where people play Magic the Gathering and stuff. Going to fairs and festivals. Just walking around and seeing if you meet anyone?

  31. hen8 says:

    Huh, board game nights? That sounds like something I’d love

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