1. You would look great in more of a slack type bottom or more office type pants... If that makes sense. Fashionable ones of course, but I can't think of what they're called.

  2. Yes. I am 27. I've tried having a girlfriend a time or two, but I always get overwhelmed. I was dating someone, but even that got overwhelming as well. Now I just go to work, come home and take care of my animals and work on a project at home. I text and call my family, and maybe text one person from work. But I'm not consistent.

  3. I got two flat tires in Wyoming on the same road trip. It definitely exists and is out for blood.

  4. Next time start throwing dog poop at him. The key is to be crazier than the next guy

  5. I just wanna know why they were sitting bare butt on patio chairs

  6. I mean, I'm a woman, but assuming they're not so loose to fall off can a man's balls just slip out like that? 🤣

  7. Hahaha. Same, I think maybe in the same way some men's balls creep out of their boxers when sitting? I dunno. Maybe he's got some low hangers 😅

  8. They're fantastic! The only thing is to make sure they don't get too hot, if a cat is laying on it for a really long time it can build up a lot of heat. Our fix is using a cheap wifi plug I was gifted a couple of years ago, which lets me set it on a schedule. In the summer, it's on for 60min and off for 30min, cycling all day long every single day. In the winter, I switch it to 90/30. And with it being a smart plug, I can tell you that even the 90/30 winter schedule only uses about 7.5 kWh of energy per month, which in my state (US) is less than one dollar!

  9. I use a heat pad thermostat for my reptiles, it would probably work for those too! It just has a probe that sits where your animal sits, and it will turn the pad off when the temperature gets to where you set it. Total life saver!

  10. My 29 yo male friend is dating a 20 yo girl. I hope it doesn't last so she can learn who she is instead of who she is with him. You go through a lot in your 20's. Settling down usually doesn't work at that age.

  11. This girl had fruit loops in her ass and the other girl ate it... They stretched out first girl with that thing gynos use and she was upside down... So weird.

  12. If there's a fight going on, 2 ways I've learned to stop them is by putting some pennies in an empty can, and shake it, or if you're desperate.... A squirt bottle. It's not ideal, but it's stopped my cats when nothing would and without harming anybody involved.

  13. It might look off due to the different color seasons in the outfit. The style of shoes and top are great though

  14. It’s possible for anti freeze / coolant to leak from the heater core and into your car. Check by the driver and passenger feet area.

  15. I’ve had the exact same problem in a 2018 Kia Optima. It’s super weird, only happens in the mornings or if the car has been sitting a while too. Usually more prominent if it’s a little cool outside. Doesn’t smell like gas, I agree it smells something like plasticy or paint thinner

  16. Hmm, that is weird. It's been warm here (80's), and I've still had the issue. You didn't run into any engine trouble down the road?

  17. Maybe so. I agree that they cause havoc and chaos and that something needs to change.

  18. They have a right, but they are abusing it. Why should we intervene their choices. They are (mostly) adults. It is their responsibility to keep themselves alive, not us. They don't help us, so why do we help them? I understand you feel bad and care about them, but they don't care about themselves. Sometimes you have to let the brown rotting leaf on your plant die off. It's a part of life. You get it, or you don't.

  19. The toasted soft summer seems to fit! The only thing that makes me doubt it a bit still is the fact that I feel like i can sometimes pull off bright colors pretty well

  20. If you see in the picture on the website, she is wearing a bright color top and I personally think it looks okay. I second that this is your coloring 😊

  21. Jackson Galaxy has some great tips on how to introduce cats. I am going through the same thing, though with 2 adults.

  22. What do you do with the old handles? I hope they're sent to the thrift store, I'd love those

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