1. The screen will go blank when not in use! The second hit the button you’re good to start inhaling honestly. My first Uni lasted me well over 4 years! It’s a solid battery for what it is! I’ve been looking for another battery to compare it to, and I kinda want the Shiv from Hamilton devices since it comes in purple now 😂

  2. Hey the Shiv, I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s my daily driver. Never went back to my Uni Pro!

  3. If the 5 clicks is an issue then good luck. Just about every battery I've owned is 5 clicks for On/Off. The closest you can get is the Hamilton Devices Shiv. But the cartridge is encased inside the battery and has a side button that ejects and retracts your cartridge. It doesn't use it's screw on only. Anyways, it has a safety feature where the fire button won't work if the cartridge is retracted in. I've never had to turn off that battery and worry about it accidentally firing in my pocket.

  4. Just FYI, the Shiv has a 5 click on-off feature as well. So it won’t be suitable for OP!

  5. “Your body is by far the most costly housing in your life. Set your spirit free and just die! Your daily costs will drop dramatically.”

  6. The United States is no longer a place for education. We are intentionally dumbed downed.

  7. Ironically immigrants from world over come for the grad school and higher education. The US cannot be written out so easily as it is a melting pot of extremes.

  8. 😂🔥😘❤️😊. I mostly text my gf lmao

  9. Never tried any of those but Mimosa and Ice Cream Cake are 🔥 love the taste of Element LR carts

  10. 0.5! But totally worth it for the taste and high

  11. I was leaning more towards those select elite, they seemed like red bud roots though too. Like high tier distillate. But the element live resin is actually live resin? I know it sounds like a dumb question. I just feel like all the packaging is a little misleading.

  12. Yeah the element is actually live resin, it isn’t disty with LR like the others, I’ve tried all of them and the elements are legit and the best!

  13. You won’t get much better quality than Element carts.. best Live Resin I’ve had in Michigan!

  14. How do these compare to Elements in taste and price, if you have tried both?

  15. Love the Elements! Haven’t tried any of those strains but recently picked me up some Mimosa, Pineapple Lemon, long Valley Royal Kush, Mr Nice Guy and tropical Cherry. 5 for 100 deals are the best!

  16. Element x Central Coast Mimosa 🔥 smacking with them 12% terps

  17. Mimosa is by central coast, smoking on it rn

  18. Never take the risk if you’re a regular stoner, just use synthetic urine and pass 100%

  19. Quickfix, just Google it and buy from official website only!

  20. I have both and lemme tell you, once I got the Shiv I never went back to the Uni. Difference in airflow is clear as night and day!

  21. Can you help me out with some questions? I have the uni and the airflow is a deal-breaker for me

  22. Sure I can help you with that. The shiv isn’t magnetic, it’s screw on, hence the much better airflow at lower voltages!

  23. Just use synthetic pee, saves you a lot of trouble and 100% works!

  24. Love Element, got 4 LR carts the last weekend I was there

  25. Yeah they’re best when you get the 4 or 5 for 100 deals!

  26. Just use Quickfix, saves all the worry and trouble of dilution. Works 100% too, just got my second job because of it!

  27. You’re right I forgot about the SHIV, may have to pick one of those up too, I like that they have the puff counter.

  28. Also a much better pull! Unis always pull less and clog cuz of the magnetic adapter but the Shiv is screw in.

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