1. I’m in the same boat as you re: build up! I joined the fb cloth diaper wash group and they recommend the bucket plunger method! I haven’t tried yet because it’s a lot of work - but it’s supposed to be the fastest/best method for getting them cleaned.

  2. Should I say that's something I'm not willing to do when I ask for a recommendation? Honestly, there's no way I have the time or energy to bother with that.

  3. I think it looks fake, like you're a bot. Put some more photos like the last one near the front, it looks more like real-person quality.

  4. NTA. I would imagine that given this strong-arming is coming from your supervisor, especially during work hours, the company could be held liable if the woman did move in and anything went wrong with the situation. I'm sure HR/legal would have a fit if they knew.

  5. NTA. She sounds like the sort of person who would stay forever, not clean up after herself, eat all your food, and never pay rent. In addition, her needing a place to live has nothing to do with you, and you are not responsible for making sure she has a roof over her head. In addition, your supervisor is way out of line on this one. I would document everything, and then contact HR. (You could hold onto the document and do nothing else right now, too.) I would also tell your coworkers that if they're so concerned about the "family culture," they should ask her to move into their homes.

  6. I would imagine that given this strong-arming is coming from her supervisor, especially during work hours, the company could be held liable if the woman did move in and anything went wrong with the situation. I'm sure HR/legal would have a fit if they knew.

  7. We just rented a house where the landlord paid $500 to a cleaning surface for a deep clean and they didn’t do much cleaning. Place was still filthy. I would be weary of any “deep cleaning” you’ll get for 500

  8. No shade on Henry, the English language is annoying as hell. But I'm seeing this one a lot more frequently just in the past year or two, and I wonder what's making it appear more often.

  9. I agree, I see people who wouldn't typically misspeak or write incorrectly mess it up. It's a big one on Reddit. After seeing it a bunch recently this one broke me and I'm just gonna respond now. I don't want to be that person but maybe people will find it helpful. My coworker used to mix them up, she is otherwise a good writer, and when I explained, she said she didn't realize they were different words?

  10. I my bugs me when people say weary instead of wary.

  11. This is a huge one on Reddit. It's one I think even people who typically speak/write correctly get wrong. Drives me crazy.

  12. Review about the Laneige lip sleeping mask ex [Berry]

  13. I'm m trying it for the first time tonight also. I don't have a horse in this race but I'm confused you said it's not even like chapstick after five minutes. Maybe I put it on thicker, but it definitely feels better to me currently than Vaseline. Thick coverage and glossy.

  14. I will give it a second try but this time with a chapstick under it. Maybe it will work better as an occlusive. Im happy it works for you.

  15. It really does sound like this newer formula may be less effective, so frustrating!

  16. I'm not waiting 6 weeks for a reservation just to order a Caesar salad. Even if it's super good, haha.

  17. Yeah I just looked and there's a lot, maybe I was looking when it was super COVID limited and I assumed it wasn't? I'll check it out.

  18. Mini chapsticks. Those under eye maskie things, they're gold. You could make things for very cheap too, like bath bombs or mini mason jar hot chocolates, soaps, candles.

  19. Snazzy steak/meat delivery. If you wanted to you could go over and cook it with him in the future.

  20. Jesus fuck don’t move to southern Granville county. Our water bill is about $150 every month. I’d shit myself if I saw a bill that was only $50. Hell I think it’s something like $85 minimum just to have water available to you.

  21. Haha, I was afraid I'd be embarrassed by complaining! I've never lived anywhere but apartments before which is just... different.

  22. How many people are in your household and what kind of home do you live in? Might help to get folks in similar situations to respond.

  23. Two adults, one baby. 5 bedroom home. Don't use sprinklers. Do a fair amount of laundry.

  24. My husband and I were just talking about this when we were in Greenville, SC (also has a gorgeous recently developed river walk with suspension bridge over waterfall). What could our 'riverwalk' be?

  25. the old car dealership at American Tobacco Campus is coming down, and amphitheater is coming in. The campus will pretty much double in size.

  26. I have, and it just doesn't rival Greenville's. It's not large enough and it doesn't have enough oomph. A lot more greenery would help. Too much cement. Amphitheater will help.

  27. A lot of people have covered your concerns. Lack of care/empathy and irritability can also be signs of depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. Think about seeking counseling; with telemedicine becoming more and more of a thing, it's easier to get help.

  28. I don’t love the idea of dressing really masc in like dress pants and a button up, but I feel uncomfortable in dresses every time I wear them. I think I’d feel more comfortable in longer dresses, but haven’t tried any on yet and I’m afraid I won’t like them on since I feel uncomfortable in all of the skirts/dresses that I own. I know first step is trying on some longer dresses and skirts to see if I feel okay or not. I’ve been wearing mostly baggy clothes for a year now because it’s pretty much all I feel comfortable in. I still can’t pinpoint if it’s gender dysphoria and trying to hide more feminine features of my body, just discomfort with looking sexy/being sexualized by men, or issues with self confidence due to being a little heavier now than I’ve been before.

  29. You could try a clothing rental company and experiment?

  30. I absolutely believe you would love an oversized blazer kind of vibe. With some nice jewelery and either matching wide pants or different colors. If you wear heels I think it could look great with some open toe strap heels with it. Or instead some cool boots. Suits can be femme, masc and andro, so go try on some suits is my biggest advice! Personally I love throwing in a little scarf tied around the neck too sometimes (looks pretty gay too) so you could try that out.

  31. I thought the same thing! Would look great in a big blazer.

  32. I hate them so much, I finally decided to try T-Mobile's 5g internet. It's... okay. At least I'm not dealing with Spectrum?

  33. You… can. You set a date and an amount and mint lets you add that much each month to save up. Then repeats every 6 or 12 months or whatever

  34. But it doesn't work if you have some that pay monthly and some that pay annually for the same category.

  35. Sure you can. You take the average amount and set that as the goal, and set the keep rollover amount. That will build the category up so it builds during lower months and is there for spending in higher cost months.

  36. Then you're over budget for that month and because rollover is irritating, that never adjusts. If I spend $120 in January and expect that to rollover to $10 each month, it shows I'm over budget for Jan/Feg/Mar etc. until it's all netted out. Each month, the total spending is off.

  37. Was going to give them a try but my main credit union is not listed so I'll see how responsive their support is.

  38. I wound up trying out Simplifi, and I think I'm happy with them. Their support is amazing, which is what swayed me to stay for now.

  39. I didn’t get nearly as far as you did, and couldn’t even get the import to work.

  40. Yeah, it was actually worse than Mint even. But only in the transactions page, the other pages were smooth. I imagine the fact that you didn't complete your import could have played a part in that? I imported about 10k transactions.

  41. I got tired and am trying out simplifiapp since last week. It is paid and from Intuit. Maybe because there is a similar offering that exists which is paid, there is less motivation to keep mint thriving. My theory anyways.

  42. Okay, just started it, but I actually am liking Simplifi so far. Thank you! If I can get this balance after import fixed, I might stick with it. I would love if they would add household members the possibility to view like I saw on Monarch, loved that feature.

  43. Only in that it's another paid budgeting app and is loosely tied to Mint (I think a finger was former Mint CEO?). It doesn't use the same API or anything.

  44. I agree with most of the comments. But I spent 3 days to "fix" and recateogrize all my years of transacations. And it was kind of worth it, because I started using mint just last year and there was no way to import earlier data. But here I could upload bank csv to import it. Again not trivial but now at least I have all my transactions history at one place.

  45. Does copilot have a desktop version? I don't use the app anyway.

  46. The import world have actually been better if they had just taken it from the csv and not tried to auto adjust to their platform. I would have probably been willing to take the time to go through everything and fix it still, but that and the lack of synchrony bank pushed me over the edge. I will check it out again in a while and hopefully all things will have been improved.

  47. Ours wasn't toooooo bad, but he went through that phase around that age. We did a scrubby baby brush in water with the shampoo and wash, and I felt like that helped a lot.

  48. YTA solely because you didn't tell your sister beforehand. Would have been so easy, and she would have been in control of the situation then.

  49. This used to be much more of a thing, it's quite rare now, even in the US, and pork doesn't need to be cooked to death the way it once does.

  50. There are still night gown like things for that age. They're my favorite for my son, example:

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