Republicans Just Voted Against Feeding the Baby They’re Forcing You to Have

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Since the 1980s, incoming Republican administrations immediately block US funding for foreign family planning organizations that provide abortion counseling. The policy is linked to higher maternal and child mortality rates, as well as more unwanted pregnancies and higher HIV incidence rates.

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  1. This is why electric vehicles are such a bad idea right now. We don't even have the grid capacity for everyone to have air when it's hot.

  2. You do realize it takes more energy to create the gasoline to run a vehicle than it does to plug a vehicle in and get your energy directly from the power plant, right? It's an incredibly simple concept that some still fail to understand...

  3. Speaking of incredibly simple concepts. We. Don't. Have. Grid. Capacity. For. Widespread. Electric. Vehicle. Use. Yet.

  4. And they are inversely proportional to one another. Do you understand what that means? As one increases, the other decreases. Do you realize how much energy a refinery consumes on a daily basis? I'm an industrial electrician so, I'll tell you, it's a fuck ton. Residential power, even with car chargers is a joke in comparison to the power we see and deal with.

  5. I would consider hope a form of rebellion in these times. I will not give up.

  6. And Fox lawyers claimed in court that no rational viewer takes him seriously. What he didn’t say was that no fox viewer is rational.

  7. The methods are worse than the product. Pushing the item in the saw toward you. Holding the pliers in your hand as you hit them with the death wheel. Gloves with a death wheel.

  8. Gloves with a death wheel? You mean the angle grinder? The thing that I always wear gloves with while using?? If anything I'd say those gloves aren't even enough, should really be bumping them up to some thicker leather gloves.

  9. Called, asked, was told the committee wasn’t accepting a payment plan.

  10. That's what the assistant training director told us also, I then spoke with the lady who actually handles the payment and she allowed me to pay it off in smaller chunks.

  11. Leftist ethics is forcing people to lose their jobs if they don't submit to a medical procedure, and then the very next day claiming my body my choice. Leftists have no ethics. Go watch 2000 mules and see for yourself. You have ZERO moral authority. The left is totally corrupt. So don't lecture me about ethics.

  12. Better yet, eat the thousands of dead rabbits, shrews, mice & insects killed by tilling our nutritionally devoid soil for GMO vegetable farms.

  13. And how will a vegan diet kill you? Considering millions are vegan and live very healthy lives, I'm curious why you think that...

  14. They have the money to pay soldiers which has always been enough, and will very soon have unwavering slaughter bots who don't even need to be convinced with any human emotions.

  15. Worst part is, you'll be lucky to have a dinner like that on your way out. Things will get very ugly very quickly as people start fighting for the basic resources.

  16. Or, alternatively, politicians could just listen to scientists for once...Your idea would definitely work but, we need them more in their current roles continuing what they do best.

  17. Gee, all these people who think things are free. "Other nations" where taxes are 90% of your wage and government decides if you get a procedure. Look at how F"d up the border is and you want these idiots deciding if u get your hernia operation??

  18. What country are you talking about exactly?? I want to know where people are paying 90% tax rates.

  19. Im pretty sure the places in which this is successful have significantly smaller populations.

  20. And?? I've heard this argument for years. It's like people have never heard of the concept of scaling. There are literally hundreds of millions of people with access to public healthcare but, we can't do it because we're... bigger?

  21. Wago is superior in every way, self (continuously) tensioned connections, visible, testable,

  22. I just bought a Klein 1/4" x 52" flex bit holder and the socket wasn't properly machined so, get to the job and open it up and none of my spade bits will fit in it. Fucking irate I was.

  23. Nope, just didn't feel like reading your unhinged dribble...speaking of which, it looks like the NPCs are learning and using my own lines now. Nice. Glad I could help the machine learn. lmao

  24. Let's be real. Opinions and stances that you can't defend aren't much of an opinion to begin with. Weak.

  25. Clearly a lot since you keep replying. Come back when you want to have a real conversation. Weak.

  26. I wrote four words and you got even more triggered that you wrote 2 paragraphs lol

  27. It seems this person thinks writing 2 paragraphs is a difficult task. Almost as if the quantity is a direct measure of intellectual effort put into said act. When you have complex thought processes, you're able to string more than 4 words together with relative ease. Maybe you'll get there one day bud! Lol

  28. Some offices provide coffee, apparently at NSA they only have kool-aid

  29. Fuck son, call an ambulance for that 3rd degree burn!

  30. Yes they are, you are actively stopping life. That is murder

  31. You are not being consistent in what you, yourself, have written. You said "call it whatever, a fetus or a baby" but then go on to say, call it what it is, "killing a baby". Do you not understand that you are contradicting yourself?? You said we should call it killing a baby but, previously just said it doesn't matter so, if it doesn't matter I ask again...why use the incorrect terminology?? I mean I already know why you're actively choosing those words but, I'm wondering if you have any introspection at all.

  32. Are you that dumb? Seriously? Read what you said I said: call it whatever you want. I consider it a baby, a living life form. That’s not contradicting myself, that’s saying the definition doesn’t matter.

  33. Yes, and you are wrong to think the definition doesn't matter. A baby by definition is NOT the same as a fetus. So, you are purposefully and inaccurately representing what is happening. Which is why I originally asked you why you are choosing to do that. Again, I already know why you are but, you can't seem to admit the reason. It's a lot easier to score sympathy points from the mentally challenged, you and others like you, when the image portrayed is a cute little baby versus a fetus sloshing around inside the womb still physically attached to the mother. They are not the same, you fucking twig.

  34. It's to terrorize you into taking the initiative to learn as much as possible on your own. If you're constantly worried about looking like a dumbass, you will spend a great deal of energy not looking like one. In the end, this is a positive thing meant to encourage your own self-development. I can't believe you didn't already know this...

  35. I have a very good idea of what your quality of work looks like...rat shit, rat shit as far as the eye can see!

  36. The future can be super amazing, just not for the humans. We are close to creating true artificial intelligence (within couple 100 years). Self evolving mechanic intelligence will be able to spread all over the galaxy and survive all kinds of environments. In the grand scheme of things, on the scale of millions of years, human civilization will be nothing more than a brief spark that gave life to the true masters of the universe. We are just the stepping stone to the next phase of evolution of intelligence. It is our duty to finish creating that next life before we extinguish our own. We are close, the goal is within our reach, we just need to get our priorities strait.

  37. Umm within couple 100 years means it'll never happen considering our society will collapse within the next 50-100. And that's being optimistic.

  38. Umm yes, it's normal. It will take some time for her to figure out what makes her orgasm. What's not normal is saying "go" instead of cum / orgasm. Please stop.

  39. I’m not talking about people in their early thirties. I’m talking about my parents’ generations who are in their early to mid 40’s

  40. Yes but, you assumed I was over 40 when I had never in fact stated my age prior to that comment. And you had already blamed my generation.

  41. They definitely contributed more but ur generation are the ones coming into power as the older ones die and still do nothing about it. Anyone over the age of 40 will live their comfortable lives out while the rest will die

  42. My generation? I'm in my early thirties. If you think that a 40 year old is going to have a grand ole retirement and live out their life peacefully, unlike the rest of us, you might want to work on gaining more perspective...

  43. Yup. And it's also a good thing the Progressive didn't win because they never would have won in the general. As if there are other voters who don't adhere to the "Vote Blue No Matter Who" mandate but their interests are still being served. Almost like they're entitled to those interests.

  44. Not sure if that's sarcasm because Warren or Sanders would have cleaned the floor with Trump in the general...

  45. It is and I agree. I've just seen people claim that and it's a bit hypocritical since the only way it could be true is if some other people decide not to vote blue no matter who.

  46. Ok, seemed like it based on previous comment. What bugs me the most was the fact that most good policy that Biden "adopted" was originally from the Progressive agenda in order to obtain those votes. It was a lie from start to finish. Maybe just elect the person that actually believes in these policies in the first place and not the ones we have to drag by the hair.

  47. And let's not forget that those failures are typically catastrophic.

  48. To be fair, these people also do not need 20MW and currently live without highspeed internet. But i understand this kind of urban vs. rural tension has always existed right? Without rural areas producing the majority of food, urban areas would starve.

  49. And without the economy of a dense urban population, the farmers wouldn't have anyone to sell their GMO crops to? And would be...dirt poor, unable to afford any of the toys they so love.

  50. Melt the end with a torch, if its copper it will get red hot and ball up; aluminum will burn quicker.

  51. This. Also Aluminum doesn't glow red when you heat it up, just gets a bit more shiny.

  52. She still lays on her belly but, flat instead of on all fours or arched. At least that's what I think they meant.

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