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  1. One guy asked my boyfriend for £20 outside merchant square. When he said he didn’t have any cash he asked him to go to the bank machine.

  2. Ah I think I might have heard that and thought it was brewdog

  3. James McAvoy. I’m from Glasgow and knew a girl who met him on a night out, went to hand him her phone asking him if they could take a picture together, he got raging and smashed her phone. Arsehole.

  4. I hadn’t been to a dentist in 5 years - the dental hospital gave me a list of nhs dentists in my area, they said I might have to register out with my area due to queues. I managed to get registered straight away at mosspark dental therapy, had a check up polish and scale and it’s been great. Highly recommend.

  5. You keep saying “I was.” You still are. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t feel the need to confess online and seek validation from strangers while posing as the victim. You’re a disgusting predator who definitely nearly raped his girlfriend.

  6. ‘This is some bloody good papaya.’ - Lockie S4, I still laugh at this

  7. Sometimes we're lazy and say "cancer rules your asc". But in fact, only planets can rule houses. So, your chart ruler is the moon because that's the ruler of the sign on your asc. But we also have to look at where that moon is (where any chart ruler is) in order to learn more about that rising sign.

  8. chart rulers are planets, not signs. your chart ruler is the moon.

  9. I have tickets for the European tour is Glasgow, scheduled for 2nd of Sept 2021 but postponed with no confirmed date? Does anybody know of they’re going to play British dates or if I should look into getting my money back?

  10. There’s agencies and there’s agencies. How big / good is this agency?

  11. Sorry, no the Social Media Manager would teach me. The MD explained this to me, I worded this badly! And they’re 8-10 members, grew from 4 people on 2016. They seem good! Have a lot of interesting clients and good reviews from what I can see.

  12. For a small agency this feels entirely plausible. Caught them at the right time.

  13. There’s probably far more that just haven’t been posted. I received a pair of trousers from ASOS that were damaged, they wouldn’t allow returns at the time. I wrote a review explaining how upset I was and got an email saying that the review wasn’t appropriate. ASOS and other fast fashion outlets got their brand image covered through deleting any review they don’t like.

  14. I really like Stalks and Stems by Queen’s Park. I’ve seen some people say Roots and Fruits can be quite expensive which I can’t really comment on as I haven’t been in years, but I find Stalks and Stems surprisingly affordable for fresh produce compared to Morrisons or Asda. The staff are lovely too.

  15. There’s also a refillable esque shop in Shawlands called Neighbourhood, I’ve been once and they had great options, can’t comment on price though again, sorry!

  16. Less worried about starvation and/or freezing to death than being caught I would imagine.

  17. One time I had a trail shift at a coffee shop. Half way through the shift I asked my colleague if it was always this quiet on a Friday. She replied that it was actually Monday.

  18. I politely ask them to help me clean. This usually motivates people to leave. I've also told people they have to be out of my home by a certain hour. That said, there are two people who can come and go as they please, but they're my besties and we've seen each other is various extreme emotional states.

  19. I’m 25/f and tell all my friends (with all the love in the world!) when I’m ready for them to leave my house and they respect that. Boundaries are important!

  20. The availability has dropped and also rent prices have increased beyond belief. From 2018-late 2019 I rented a beautiful 2 bedroom flat in Dennistoun for 550pcm nicely furnished in the drives. Now my partner and I rent a 1 bedroom box flat in the Southside for 550pcm. We’ve considered moving as it’s far too small here but can’t find anything bigger that’s not extortionate. I feel your pain bro, rent controls gotta be brought in cause wages certainly ain’t going up

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