1. Commercial paint for houses. Work as a lab tech at their main research facility. Most of my work is in creating the paint following a formula and then checking its qualities to make sure everything is in order. Also to make experimental batches and compare them to the current formula and note any changes. Pretty basic stuff. Was a Bio Major but this was the only job I could land. Its kinda interesting, and I know more about chemistry and rheology then I ever thought I would, but I would be lying if I said this is where I wanted to end up.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! That's really interesting.

  3. It can write essays better than 70% of my students

  4. I've tried using chatgpt to help with essays and every time it spits out utter garbage :(

  5. Dang!!! I'm curious about your prompts. The more detail you put in, the better it seems to be.

  6. My partner and I both changed names. No backlash. Just a bit of extra hassle with airline mileage accounts and such.

  7. So did you both invent a new last name together? Super curious!

  8. In Sweden, it is very common for couples to just make up a new name together.

  9. Ooh! That's so great. I'd love to do it, but it seems unheard of in Canada. Do couples smash their respective last names together? Is it completely new? How do they decide?

  10. I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to come with it… u just use sugar lol

  11. Weird.. it says juice flavored sugar. And doesn't specify an amount. Pretty sure it is supposed to come with it

  12. The headpiece was such a good choice!! The photos are so beautiful

  13. Pretty sure it's still running today in the LB building

  14. Edit: I missed the part about no train so some of these have trains, sorry. You could get them removed in alterations if you like the dress otherwise.

  15. Thanks so much for all of these options!!! I was hoping you would comment.

  16. The straps are detachable. This is just to die for gorgeous!

  17. It's so pretty! Unfortunately she doesn't want a train and doesn't want to buy a dress with one just to chop it off

  18. The in person fitness classes are great! You don't need a separate membership, you just register for the class and they're so inexpensive

  19. Hi! Yes I did, I sent the gynecology request mentioning possible endo (written by my GP) to the Brunswick Medical Center at the glen/muhc. I added as much detail as possible and was seen pretty quick granted the wait times everywhere. The clinic is hard to get a hold of by phone, though

  20. Thanks!! Do you recommend the physician you saw? So nervous about seeing someone dismissive

  21. You could get lost staring at that diamond! So gorgeous!

  22. Omg I love my wedding band from them. We are getting married next May and I can't wait to wear it everyday

  23. Oh ….. hello. im okay now, i got teary seeing this lmao thank you so much. didnt think anyone would care. it really means a lot. i dont know whats wrong with me, i was really not doing well when i made that post and i was on the verge. im still really depressed but im calmer and as long as im not alone for like a day or two ill be finw. damn. this is really moving, u dont even know me yet you made time to get me help, i dont know what to say.

  24. Hey! Here's a place I think could help. It's in Montreal and is 24 hours. I've heard good things about it

  25. Master’s students without a RAMQ card must have been registered full-time in a Quebec university for at least two out of three semesters prior to Fall 2022 but cannot have completed more than 3 semesters in their master’s program by May 1, 2023.

  26. I have no ramq card (yet) and I am registered for fall 2022 masters. So does it mean I am eligible?

  27. "When it was better, I doubted myself constantly and second-guessed my memories."

  28. I need to know if this is real and, if it is, where it is exactly located

  29. Immunologist here. My super MAGA father-in-law sent me so many "scientific" news articles during the pandemic on the natural immunity vs vaccine immunity, how the vaccine changes your DNA, etc. I actually spent the time to go through the citations because I wanted to know exactly where he was coming from. Half weren't peer-reviewed papers and the other half were grossly mis-cited - as in the authors themselves in the paper would say things like, "this is no way negates the need for a vaccine" but it would be used as a citation for why we don't need the vaccine.

  30. Oh gosh did you happen upon their statement that "COVID has never been isolated" --> how do we know it exists if it can't be isolated and better yet how can we make a vaccine of it? They cited the CDC for that statement. I went to the original CDC document and what it was ACTUALLY saying is that there was no isolate available i.e no commercial standard of the virus was available for purchase at the time. Because of the jargon used, I guess I COULD see where the conspiracy theorists would miss understand, but you can also look at other sources and see that the virus was isolated pretty early on by multiple independent teams all over the world.

  31. I dated a someone who was an engineer at a particle accelerator which mainly made medical isotopes. I also had a friend who is a nutcase who believed in Claude Bernard's germ theory, believed particle accelerators were meant to open portals and allow demons to enter our dimension. First of all she starts talking to a friend who works in a lab at a brewery/distillery about how yeast turns into bacteria and they don't really need it to make alcohol. Also told him they'd make better cleaner alcohol without it. Then she meets my friend who worked at the particle accelerator and explains to her she is unknowingly releasing demons into our dimension. It was fantastic

  32. Yeah my dad believes this stuff too. There's also a local nut case who has a store that sells "remedies" for 5G exposure and the like. She has a "COVID is not real" sign on her door and makes video rants about germ theory. She sells colloidal silver and DMSO... big yikes.

  33. No, it's a website for cheating. People post assignment/test questions for "tutors" to just straight up answer.

  34. It’s kinda disappointing that ur comment is getting downvoted. Textbooks are a great resource and if you need an explanation push yourself out of your comfort zone and ask somebody, anybody about it. Will serve you better in more then one way.

  35. Oh well, I learned my lesson! I will let people cheat in peace.

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