Dear Americans, niche is pronounced neesh, not nitch. That is all.

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  1. It was stated offhand in the companion which came out 1999. The original run ended on 1996.. If it was of that much importance to the character's description why did it take so long to add it in? To me this feels like a classic Rowling retcon.. she did the exact same thing with dumbledore.

  2. that feels like 2 very different thing tbh. it seems like there is a trend to call ny queer character as retconned.

  3. I am not surprised she does like to block people

  4. that's the most benign thing to be surprised of here tbh

  5. I didn't say any of that and I don't believe in social hierarchy determining objective worth of an individual, but you have to admit that all the women in this thread have far more social capital and score higher in terms of objective physical attractiveness according to conventional average beauty standards. My point is that looks clearly don't matter that much to these people, neither does social capital, and these relationships are clearly predicated on emotional connection.

  6. yeah my comment might have sounded like i was accusing you of stuff instead of making a point about how beauty is subjective, i mean yeah you can still make your point without ranking people in that terms because it just doesn't work tbh.

  7. I didn't really rank them, I just said like nobody can argue that each of the women mentioned could find someone hotter if they wanted to, but that's clearly not what matters to them.

  8. i agree but even so your concept of native style mistake is still too vague

  9. A native style mistake is "should of". It's the type of mistake someone who grew up hearing and thinking in a language rather than learning it from material makes. Yes it's "vague" because it's a statistical argument, not a categorical argument. There are certain mistakes natives are prone to and certain mistakes they would never make, like saying "almost Japanese people like sushi" instead of "most / almost all Japanese people like sushi".

  10. yeah sure there are mistakes that you see native speakers do and i agree, but i feel like there are also a lot of mistakes that you can't quite place in which category.

  11. His nervous breakdown and the initial reaction of the medical community were not related.

  12. There’s a difference between naming a movement or a particular school of thought, and engaging with an actual person. You would have known that if you actually engaged with people as persons in stead of playing identity political games

  13. Let it be known that the term regressive left was coined not to label wokescold Twitter or anything close but Noam Chomsky . That alone should shatter any delusion of moral ground here lol .

  14. in french even though some words might have natural genders (like homme, femme, fils etc.), others would have their own grammatical gender regardless of the natural gender of the subject, such as le medecin because physicians are historically male (though professions are being feminized lately, and we're also seeing a rise in use of gender neutral pronouns)

  15. unfortunately vaush fandom and shoe simp is kinda the duo.

  16. thinking that the point here is that you can't support ukraine (who's in similar situation with those other countries explicitly mentioned in juxtaposition) probably means that you have problem processing these works , and just taking this as something personally against you.

  17. ngl i feel like hiding the phones of my nephew tbh

  18. rj: this is proof that degenerate is a slur and weebs are more oppressed than LGBTQ.

  19. I am watching Cardcaptor Sakura these days and it's pretty gay. Probably more gay than most modern anime and it has like 20 years.

  20. yeah clamp is pretty much yaoi and yuri specialist but without the smut tbh, and they been doing it on national TV for a long time

  21. liking hitchens is fine maybe, as long as we can accept that dude aged like milk.

  22. Not taking a part in a select action doesn't excuse you from it when you support the organization behind it. That's what I mean you can use that logic for any Marine. Everyone has skeletons.

  23. No, there's this massive grey area between good an evil, and that's where most of the marines are(and most people irl too). We want to label everything as strictly good or evil, because that is simple and means we don't have to deal with nuance, but shit doesn't work that way.

  24. grey area is when you want to discuss whether full term abortion is ok. ordering genocide? i don't think so tbh.

  25. i can say for sure that exmuslims who are also lgbt live in the intersection of being double discriminated by both muslims and ex muslims, and i have seen this happening both in real life and online. the effect of such discrimination is only made worse by people who wants to pretend that it does not exist.

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