Awarded to my only sibling. Discovered dead at home at 50. One of our last conversations about COVID, I said “I don’t want to see your children motherless.” Also included the text from my niece who found her, dead, and is now motherless.

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A 55 year old man from St. Louis, Missouri collects his Herman Cain Award. He wasn't going to trust the "science". Instead, he chose to take his chances without the vaccine since there's a "99% survival rate". He's now been awarded his trophy as part of the 1% that didn't survive.

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  1. Let me preface this with the fact I haven’t been on Rover long, and I have never been hurt by a pet this badly..

  2. If it’s not your main source of income and you truly need to focus on the healing of your hand, let the owner know that they need to find other help. I’d also contact rover support just to have it on file.

  3. Shit I wouldn’t do anything after 7 PM although I know I’m probably in the minority. These people are insane though. This ain’t 24 hour fitness

  4. Thank you for pointing this out. I’m vegan as well and am attending multiple weddings this/next year… I’ll keep an eye out on the RSVP and text them if I don’t see anything!

  5. I could have written this...I'm 30, have an almost 4 year old, a 1 year old, and (not kidding) a 10 year old pug who pooped in the house this morning because I didn't get her outside fast enough. 5 years ago she was sleeping in my bed. Fast forward to today, and I honestly don't know where she sleeps. Husband feeds her and takes her out before he goes to bed, but that's long after I'm asleep. She's lucky if I even give her a belly rub these days. Earlier she wanted in my lap while I was on the floor with the kids and I told her no. I'm touched out and tired and don't have any more to give.

  6. Bromo, you have gone above and beyond what the average and above average pet owner would do. You are a stellar dog mom!

  7. If I took a shot everyone she said the word like, I would have passed out. What the hell is she rambling on about??!!! So your pyramid scheme has temporarily given you back some of the money you’ve paid into it. In the form of a prepaid debit card, no doubt.

  8. It’s so creepy that his girlfriend is 34 years old and they’ve been together for 8 years 😩

  9. I screenshotted this and forwarded to my SIL - she always has the best advice. See below:

  10. Rover should cover our health insurance costs if something like this happens. What exactly do they get 20% for? What do they do aside from building website which people have been doing since the 90s...

  11. The amazing support line that takes over 5 hours on hold 😅

  12. Oh fuck OP. I’m so sorry. You really tried. I don’t even have the nerve to instigate a conversation with my anti-vax family.

  13. My nerve gave way to frustration and resignation. At this point all I can do is hope they don't get sick. Regardless if they do or don't, my relationships with them are strained indefinitely.

  14. Same. The amount of times my brother quotes joe rogan is triggering.

  15. That article is from June 2020. If something were to happen, it already would’ve been done by now.

  16. I already posted this guy last week but… that first slide 🤣

  17. I’ll never forget having to do this in grade school, just looking around and thinking we’re all fucking robots lol. So creepy

  18. Her daughter died from Covid and she continued to spread misinformation… while battling mesothelioma.

  19. Very straightforward and awesome last slide! It might wake some up or not...

  20. He deleted it since. Someone probably told him it was too much

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