1. How do you have two familiars?

  2. i'm so exhausted of running around in circles with SM. we're all tired of this anxiety and tension. why can't they just give it to us straight? i feel like we're playing with an abusive partner who's gaslighting and stringing the collective fandom along 😭😭

  3. UR JUST LIKE ME FR 😭😭 i saw one (1) random clip of felix and heard his voice and then i become a kpop stan

  4. Hey! Thanks for your hard work :)

  5. as a mod of several kpop subreddits, i can confirm you will quickly lose braincells, but it is very fun :)

  6. my friends introduced me to TXT's eternally the other day and i canNOT stop listening to it 😭😭 i remember at the beginning i was like "ehhhh i don't really vibe with th-" and then. then the beat. the BEAT. the way i SCREAMED. it's so good i love it

  7. I don't really mind ballads, so I was okay with it. It sounded like fairy of shampoo pt. 2 to me at first.

  8. if it’s any consolation, they seem to be re-recording tracks for their most recent performances! everyone who has seen them in sea recently said that their backing tracks/songs played in between stages are fully re-recorded with other members taking on those parts. and their comeback is hopefully very soon!

  9. People on twitter are saying the WayV has been rerecording old songs, but I can't seem to find a source for that

  10. just a heads up for anyone who might see this, this is misinformation! as far as we know, wayv is not rerecording old songs :)

  11. you did! however i just want to make sure nobody gets the wrong idea lmao

  12. dude i heard eleven in a restaurant the other day 😳😳 it's really big

  13. UGH IM GONNA CRY im so happy you had such a good experience πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί i hope to see them live someday so i can appreciate the same things too 😭😭πŸ₯Ί

  14. lee taeyong (NCT)'s story inspired me to pursue dance even though i felt "too old" for it at 17- he didn't start dancing until he was 18, and his instructors didn't think he would make it. but he pulled through, worked hard, and now he's one of the most acknowledged dancers in the industry. so that made me think "well, it's never too late to start. i can work hard!"

  15. 4th gen fandoms are crazy Their prev cb Jikjin also has 93 awards In comparison, BP's Shut down only has 48 awards

  16. dude i really thought "prev cb Jikjin" was a keysmash 😭😭

  17. ahdsahvisajovodhsankmlv i h ihvdskjnmlsda i h bjkvmdsla,vsd ai i i hdvskjsdal i needed to see that today thanky u

  18. IM CRYING IVE NEVER SEEN THE FULL THING 😭😭 only cherryverse's intro

  19. We've had to lock the post due to an influx of fanwars and negativity in the comments.

  20. /uj as a circlejerk sub, generally it is supposed to be assumed that people are, by default, joking/lighthearted/not serious. people use /uj to indicate that they are removing their tone from the default joke to say something serious, and then use /rj to indicate that they are returning to the joking manner

  21. i thought she was wearing a corset top tied in the back or something-

  22. i like to think i'm usually pretty healthy and rational woth my kpop fixations.

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