1. Yes! Although I’m still struggling with my mental health at times, I do think I’m mentally healthier than before.

  2. Same. I also always plan ahead of time, pero magugulat na lang ako behind na pala ako sa mga readings. Kung pwede lang we get more than 24 hours per day.

  3. I'm grateful for my loving parents, my best friend, and the people who I work with in the organizations that I'm a part of.

  4. I cannot stress this enough: join orgs. Most of my friends are from my orgs in uni. After 8 years, friends parin kami with regular meetings.

  5. Yes I have orgs both in UP and even outside. Am thinking of joining another one next semester :))

  6. I have orgs though. Both in UP and outside :) I’m thinking of joining another one in UP

  7. Hi! I'm also an international student, and I've already applied to several programs in the US. If you plan to study abroad, most schools in the US and UK accept international students, as far as I know. All you need to do is consider the financial factors (international students do not get much funding) and apply for an F-1 visa (the student visa if you are going to the US) after being admitted by programs. I never looked for online programs, but others in this post provided valuable info!

  8. You'll want to look for an online program. You'll also want to get your transcripts translated/interpreted for their US equivalency (if that's where you're attending).

  9. Hello! I didn’t receive an email back then, but make sure to check the Meissa’s Song page on the Interpark website from time to time and scroll down until you see links for you to register your ticket.

  10. everyone has their own journey in UP! i used to compare myself to my other classmates ‘til i realized it’s my own path to create myself, and i’m the only one who knows what’s best for me.

  11. i’m one of those people you just mentioned. i’m also not sure why, but i think it’s because i’ve always idolized celebrities who are older than i am ever since i was young? which is why it felt new to me when i was getting into NCT, specifically Dream.

  12. if ever, try checking the KOMCA sticker if it has “비매” on it! or if the album says “NOT FOR SALE”

  13. hello, OP! okay lang umiyak. if it helps, bumagsak din ako sa chem 16 lab quiz ko hehe but good thing we still have other quizzes (marami pa actually) sa mga future experiments! bawi tayo huhu yakap (with consent), OP!

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