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  1. Depends on what the afterlife is I suppose

  2. Well yeah I also give them medication when they are in pain. I let them choose their toys, their hair style, their friends.... Whatever keeps them happy, healthy and fulfilled

  3. Had this in Netherlands once where a car like this took up pretty much 4 (!!!) Parking spaces

  4. According to the podcast, the crew wrote a coherent speech, which Glenn on-the-spot butchered so it would be funnier.

  5. Didn't they say on the podcast that they read this paper right there cuz it qas funnier than what they wrote?

  6. So an intern guy/crew member wrote that?

  7. Not in NJ. The weed part not the zoning/infrastructure part. That still sucks.

  8. No i mean we as Netherlands are years behind on the US in terms of legalization

  9. Now that is indeed interesting as fuck!

  10. This game did exactly what I wanted from it so far haha. Should fire it up and see where I got stuck again.

  11. Hee zoiets deden ze ook bij Bob's Burgers nice

  12. Generally my max a day is 3 not completely full bowls of a bong after work

  13. No one is clowning you on the not coughing.

  14. Why didn't you say so?

  15. more... how to use this new apparatus

  16. Haha jesus christ ive been laughing at this for the past 37 seconds.

  17. Hey cool I hadn't seen this for the 6th time today yet nice

  18. I hit one of these back about 2002. Yeah, it tasted like it looked.

  19. Isn't it like a jeans cover over just a glass bong?

  20. Yeah but that doesn't define me IRL

  21. mate the first hit off my flower vaper thing is always very hard on the lungs too lmao

  22. My mom told me a story about someone who's son tried some shit like this, running next to the car (at greater speeds I assume)

  23. My mom fucked my friend while we were on vacation and now I want to fucking die, she mom took us to Miami for a spring break vacation. Everything seemed normal when we were there and when we got back. But then rumors started. They spread all throughout my school and a bunch of kids asked me if my mom really had sex with a student. Of course I denied it. Until my close friend who was there told me. He told me one of the nights we went down to the hotel pool and said friend stayed up, saying he wanted to go to bed early. He stayed up there and then something happened and my mom slept with him. I feel sick to my stomach and so mad writing it. I confronted her and she admitted and tried to apologize, but I just can’t with her. She’s so disgusting. I’m contemplating just telling my dad so he can fly me up to his house, but I hate being around his dumb bimbo gold digging girlfriend. I want to fight that fucking asshole that did this. He’s ruining my fucking life.

  24. Had that quite a few times, if they swiped wrong on accident just say so. Sometimes its after multiple days of conversation, if it doesn't work out that is fine. But it is most of the time unexpected which makes it annoying

  25. I keep swiping but have like zero faith in any of it

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