1. This question can't be honestly answered without some input from you. What are your priorities? Sound? Is it for 300 Blk only? Subs/Supers/Both? Long/Short? Heavy/Light? Durability? Gas? What rifle is it going on? QD?

  2. Yes 300 blk only, run both. Looking for something that won’t get in the way for CQC. Daniel defense PDW.

  3. It’s an Omega 36m, but it’s not what I intend to keep on it long term. I intend to get a dedicated can for it, but I have a Sig Canebrake SBR build and a LWRC SMG45 build I want to finish out first with dedicated cans.

  4. Probably a Chimera because the PDW is already setup with an ASR mount, the chimera is pretty maneuverable size wise, and it does not have barrel restrictions. It’s also pretty quiet.

  5. How was the food/ experience? The owner was my old sous chef and I moved away and haven’t been able to go.

  6. The division 2 runs well if you’re into that type of game,Risk of rain 2.

  7. They dropped the ball with only two back buttons and not increasing the battery life!

  8. Dead space no doubt. Forespoken’s beta turned me off from the game!

  9. Not a dad yet, or 40 can a 33 year old play with this group?

  10. He probably sucked drakes dick and obj’s and threatened to release it to the public.

  11. No I stick it in my ass and wait around for someone to pull the trigger.

  12. Turn off the heat and let cool down for a bit before adding butter!

  13. I love Sol Flower and they have several locations in the valley.

  14. Footsteps need some work and looting other than that pretty solid!

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