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I Tuned the Pitch of the Kill Sounds and Synced It to Music!

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  1. Nope, not yet! Still in good condition as far as I know

  2. Hey if u don't mind me asking, when u say you develop heavy reliance on it, how do u break the habit? Did u taper off?

  3. Honestly, I just had to force myself to stop using it even though I wouldn’t go to sleep as early/as quickly as I would had I taken it. It took like a couple weeks for me to not feel like I needed it anymore, and I eventually stopped using it for a few months!

  4. Ooh that sounds so rough :( were u on a high dose of melatonin?

  5. Nope, I just took the normal dose but did it consistently every night for like a few months straight, so my body became reliant upon the supplemented melatonin rather than producing its own

  6. Thank you so much! I tried this and it didn’t work for me but it does seem to help others, which is great! I’m holding out hope they will release another fix tonight but I’ll play it at 11:50pm to give them some time to fix it just in case

  7. I tried it and wasn’t seeing my stats either, but once I reloaded the page they appeared again. Here’s to hoping you get your stats back!!

  8. Did you play the first round and then saw it happen?

  9. I actually didn’t play because I didn’t want it to interfere with the stats I already had. I followed the steps in the link I provided earlier (I play on mobile through Safari), typed in the original Wordle url before the migration, and kept clicking on the stats icon until it appeared.

  10. Did he think this was a Wattpad story and you were magically going to fall in love with him? Lmfao good bye.

  11. This was exactly my response. His license should be revoked immediately

  12. What the actual fuck? I hope you get his full name and report him to your state’s medical licensing board. His behavior was disgusting and extremely unprofessional

  13. This is a genius idea. Will be purchasing a sippy cup in the near future

  14. This is so cute!! You’re so lucky to have found this in such great condition wow

  15. I’m crying bc this is exactly what it sounded like lmfao

  16. My last three were the exact same! Good thing we got it

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