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  1. Increase UI size in the settings for bigger text

  2. Goodluck to all of you in Arkesia!

  3. You should focus on finishing your Beginner Guide first as it nets you with tons of rewards and gears which help a lot for newbies/comeback players. After that it's gold grinding on main and subs to buy the gears and starting to do raids.

  4. Fast Hero Skill charging. Multi hit. Also Insight skill is not that strong => Devotion better choice

  5. By the way, is sea still region locked? i forgot about that until now

  6. It's still region locked, but can be easily bypass with some simple free VPNs.

  7. If you are using the an AMD CPU, I think the problem is probably from the CPU, not your GPU, which is pretty weird. Me and my friends have the same issues with AMD CPU but we have weird black squares with certain skill, unlike you. Although I'm still pretty sure this has to do with AMD CPU, if you have an extra Intel CPU lying around it's worth a try. You can check out my STG video if you want to know what it looks like (such as at the start, where I activate FDN effect on my weapon):

  8. I’ll watch the vid you sent. By deleting the quest you mean deleting the RH quest? Cause for other chars I can’t abandon the main quest and start again like before. Like the main quest is always there, but no quest marker, completion or who to talk to etc.

  9. That's weird, I thought that you can just delete the quest and find the NPC that started that quest to start over again.

  10. Both SEA and NA have the same content, slower than KR and CN. I would recommend playing SEA as there are many players, so the community market is huge and interactions between players are plenty. For NA, as far as I have heard from my friends, the prices there are terrible, as there aren't many farmers and gold sellers.

  11. It will take approximately 2-3 dialogues, if you do schedule to buff it just do it around 1 min earlier, which should be fine.

  12. If you are looking for the Garden of Time and Space, it's in the Silver Dragon Forcefield.

  13. Ah its no worries anyways since like I said a goddess hat is better and you get one anyways.

  14. If it works like a normal reuse Minos, it can still be upgraded into Insight, Devotion, etc as a normal minos. It's the same Minos you receive when you disassemble Insight/ Devotion. Just a Minos with RC:0 - Reuse. You should definitely use it to upgrade if as a newbie as the revamp guide gives you tons of materials to upgrade it as well.

  15. Is there a difference between a normal minos equipment and the one with "reuse" on it since the latter might be the reward from the new beginner's guide?

  16. That wasn't just luck. I remember a CSGO pro once said: "The guy with the best aim is the guy who has the best day." I feel like it's totally your skill that (most of) those kills happened, you're just having a great day and at peak, that's all. It's really important to feel good and relax before the match, that's one of the reasons you're winning duels imo.

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