1. I bike commute because I enjoy it not because I have to so if there's anything that will stop me from enjoying it, I would rather take another way home

  2. Dark paper wasp, these are last year's mated queens trying to establish a nest and/or collect pulp to build the nest.

  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/exterminators/comments/11i7u5r/wasps_in_the_spring/

  4. That means your soil is VERY wet. You have good drainage on that cup, right?

  5. Thanks. Yeah, i have 6 holes punched in the bottom of the cup. I only add water when the soil is dry.

  6. I do 13 one way each day. It's wonderful

  7. My cousin has 8 of them that he uses for his garden. He swears by them

  8. Unless you live in a cold climate, garlic planted at this time of year may not form individual cloves properly. The plant needs chilling to trigger the process of clove formation, that’s why it’s normally planted in autumn. There are varieties which are sold for spring planting but these are normally chosen for having lower chill requirements.

  9. Just to make sure you know this... The garlic head needs to be separated into cloves for planting. Each clove gets planted separately.

  10. Thank you. I did know that but i appreciate it

  11. Perhaps you're trying too hard to believe. Sometimes, faith in God comes to you when your not looking for it. Ask God to give you the faith to believe in Him (faith is a gift, not something to be worked for) and then open your heart and mind to the possibility. God isn't, however, someone to blame your failures on. He is something to help you WITH your failures. I believe quite strongly in God and fail regularly. I ask God to help me with my failures, with my stresses and problems. When I listen, he does. I sleep quite well at night, even with my problems because I know i'm not handling them alone. P.S. it's easier said than done...i know that!

  12. You are handling them alone. Your god is just Dumbo's magic feather, a psychological crutch.

  13. Sorry you feel that way, I will pray to my magic feather for you

  14. Good luck! I remember my first garden and i said to myself if i got one tomato, I would be happy. it becomes addictive

  15. How I started; 3 Tomato plants and a Zucchini bush. Now I have 9 berry bushes on the way, 15 new beds under construction, 4 panel trellises and 9 back plate panels up and coming this season. XD

  16. I figured the law of averages. I planted (and still plant) tomatoes, several kinds of peppers, beans, lettuce, corn, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, cabbage and various herbs and if, out of all that, i am left with one tomato, I was successful. Of course, since that first year, i have raised expectations a bit...but just a bit :)

  17. Beautiful painting and a beautiful story. I will remember this the next time I hike Merrill Creek.

  18. I use an airhorn from amazon that works great. it's loud and you pump it up with an air pump. if you ride in traffic (as i do), I would highly recommend.

  19. I prune the heck out of basil. You almost have to try and kill it to do damage. It's very resilient

  20. Thank you all. I didn't have any issues with the sticks being strong enough (i do hang), perhaps i got lucky. i think i will continue to use sheep and if the need arises, just use the fresh because i do like the more tender bite.

  21. I second the freehub bearing. Happened to me too.

  22. It's great but it's no Novotna trying to steal the Wimbledon trophy off Hingis in '97.

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