1. My doctor said she was comfortable delivering me between 37 and 38 weeks. During that week, she was only on call one day. So 37+2 it was! I will say even though I was more physically comfortable after my c-section (the end of my pregnancy was so painful) I kinda wish I had gone a few more days. My babies were smaller than estimated and we had issues with weight loss and jaundice after birth. If I could go back I’d want to give them all the time in utero possible (safely of course).

  2. During my twin pregnancy, we completely remodeled our house. We started a couple months before I got pregnant and then did our best to finish before my due date. I’m a month postpartum and we only have a couple things to finish. I’m so grateful we did the remodel when we did or else it probably would have taken years to get done, if at all. It feels really good settling in with our babies knowing that the house is in good shape and that all that stress is behind us. I can better focus on bonding with the babies because the house feels comfortable and nice.

  3. Iron deficiency anemia is really common in pregnancy but even more common during twin pregnancy. I was anemic during my pregnancy and took 65mg of iron daily and that managed it well. A couple days after delivery I wasn’t anemic anymore! Still taking my iron supplement 4 weeks postpartum at the recommendation of my doc.

  4. I’m currently recovering from my planned c-section this morning and it was honestly such a great experience. You do you! It’s very empowering to be able to choose your path, whatever that looks like for you!

  5. The WebMD pregnancy app is the only one I’ve found to actually give information specifically for twin pregnancy. Try it out!

  6. Cute ultrasound pic!! My scheduled c-section is this Thursday. I’ll be 37+2. I can hardly believe it. I’m nervous but so excited to meet my boys. I sincerely hope you are more comfortable at the end of your pregnancy than I am!

  7. I called my insurance (Aetna) and got a list of places I could get my free breast pump. I checked out a few and chose Yummy Mummy. I paid an upgrade fee and chose the Elvie in-bra pump since I have a Spectra from my last pregnancy and with twins I wanted one I could wear and walk around with on since I know I’ll be busy. I told them I was expecting twins and that I had a planned delivery soon, and they rushed the order for free and I got it in a few days. It was a great experience.

  8. For me it’s always the older family members (60+) and they never ask. It really makes me uncomfortable. I wish I was a little braver about saying no. I guess I just feel like they’re touching the belly because they’re excited about the pregnancy so I don’t want to be rude, but on the other hand it would never cross my mind to touch a pregnant belly unless the pregnant person asked if I wanted to! So strange.

  9. I love Claude and you shouldn’t be dissuaded from using it. Now do yourself a favor and put on some Claude Debussy. Best association! He’s my favorite composer.

  10. I had a normal NIPT but they wanted me to do a NT scan anyway. The NT was unclear but they said it was ok because of the NIPT results 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. I am 36 weeks pregnant with twins so I don’t have experience raising them yet, but I can tell you that I really enjoyed reading Twinsight: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins by Dara Lovitz. She interviewed a bunch of twins, fraternal and identical, in all walks of life about their experiences growing up. I even bought copies for the babies’ grandparents so we can all be on the same page. I have a singleton as well and really appreciated that there was a chapter about the family dynamic if there is a singleton in the family, and she interviewed some siblings of twins to get their insights. Really good stuff!

  12. That’s still there for now but they took off this other one my kids loved where Elmo adopts a puppy 😡

  13. Noooooo not that one! That’s my daughter’s favorite!

  14. I would budget to do a couple rounds of maternity shopping if possible (try ThredUp or local consignment to make this a little easier and more eco friendly). I always like having clothes that fit me well so I didn’t want to buy baggy clothes to grow into. I was able to wear mostly M and some L maternity clothes from my singleton pregnancy until 20ish weeks when I had a massive growth spurt and had to buy a whole new wardrobe in XL, and now that I’m 35 weeks it happened again (instead of buying all new things, I’m just wearing the same few things that fit over and over again lol). Bonus points for button-up shirts that you can use for nursing after!

  15. I have taken this exact amount of Keflex for the same duration for UTIs twice during my pregnancy with twins (once in first trimester, once in second). I’m 35 weeks and babies are totally healthy. Treat that UTI!

  16. First cycle for first child, 18 cycles including three IUIs for second.

  17. You need an earlier bedtime routine. My 2 yr old is in bed by 7 for a 5:30/6:15 wake up (Mine does not nap). It is very likely that your son is way too overtired to actually sleep and he wants you to keep providing stimuli. When we are awake too long, our bodies stop producing melatonin.

  18. 34 weeks with uncomplicated di-di twins, and I too have been seeing both my OB and MFM (referred to MFM at 8 weeks and first appointment was the nuchal translucency ultrasound at 12 weeks). All ultrasounds are through the MFM, and the MFM makes recommendations about my care that my OB office follows. It’s been nice to have the extra support and detailed ultrasounds!

  19. I’m 34ish weeks right now and all my favorite maternity clothes are from ASOS. They have some really comfy dresses and tees. I also recommend Old Navy maternity leggings.

  20. Of course! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy!

  21. I love this name. Arguably the first work of literary surrealism was Andre Breton’s short novel Nadja. In the book, Nadja is a captivating muse figure who teaches the main character about the magic in life. The original manic pixie dream girl if you will. I do think the spelling Nadia would be easier for a child to live with, but I’m big on giving kids easy to spell names so take that with a grain of salt.

  22. I have a 2020 enclave and I can’t make it work for us. Two rear-facing bucket seats and a front facing 3 year old. Initially we put the bucket seats in the captains chairs and my toddler in the third row, but he can’t buckle himself so we had to climb in the back to buckle him. Just switched it so he’s back in a captains seat, but now I’m climbing in the back to drop a bucket seat back there and it’s actually harder. How do you do it??

  23. I’m sorry it’s not working for you guys! My 3yo is forward facing in the one captains seat that doesn’t scoot forward as easily and the two infant seats are in the 3rd row. I find that the vacant captains seat moves forward enough to give us access to the 3rd row.

  24. I hadn’t thought of putting them both in the third row! We have the bigger section of the third row folded down for more room ATM, but I could put it up and try both back there. Thanks!

  25. I hope it works for you! My Valco Duo Trend stroller actually fits in the trunk nicely even with the third row totally up with room for a couple grocery bags. It’s hard to find a midsize SUV with a functional 3rd row and a trunk that will fit a double stroller so I was happy to get the Enclave.

  26. From your list I like Jasper the most. I like that Jasper and Bodhi make sense and flow together but they also have different sounds. They both sound like friendly, intelligent people to me.

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