1. I feel like they're a bit inconsiderate as one time we were discussing how it's difficult to understand someone on call because of their accent and speed but then other person said about someone that their voice is irritating and they agreed to it.

  2. Give 1* rating and post on twitter, share link here. People will retweet and escalate.

  3. You guys should collectively post all this on Instagram and try to make it viral. Once their scam is out on a social media platform, only then more people will be able to understand this and might affect nykaa too.

  4. Twitter is more effective than Instagram in these cases

  5. Now it's only waiting for the orders to be packed and then for someone to post a review here. Can you imagine the karma that post will generate!!! 🤭 This has turned out to be an ekta Kapoor drama. I'm so hooked. 🫣

  6. Maybe they're cleaning that warehouse and updating whatever they find

  7. It's app's discount code. Do you mean product link from app?

  8. Why are they clumping TCS with IBM. One is a 111 year old company with a quantum computing division in upstate NY, the other is a dollar-store version of Accenture.

  9. Exactly and now if you see IBM GBS and GTS. They're not getting paid enough and instead IBM is making triple profit from them by the work their provided employees are doing in client companies which are mostly product based.

  10. Hey I happen to have 2 tickets for Super Mario Bros movie. Would you like to watch?

  11. Did he say or do any inconsiderate thing about anyone ever.

  12. Please remove tictactoe. It's a very common mini project. It negatively affects your ability to be creative.

  13. Barge in her class and ask who's she. You want to meet her. You'll never get to know about it without asking. Plus don't let it go if you're curious.

  14. Not sure if this I’m a shy guy and I have taken a fancy to this girl. I want to give her a compliment, I want to tell her she’s cute but don’t know how to go about it

  15. Complement her in some other way, like without saying directly that she's cute. Say it like, this dress makes you look even cuter.

  16. This is your chance to make a move and just go for it. Like a promposal, also hurry and ask her before someone else does.

  17. Not allowed? Is there anyone enforcing these rules? Live your best life bestie, nobody can tell us how to live.

  18. Time to listen to this masterpiece again and Shakira's remix too😍

  19. I wish they included bright years range in that too but nope, it'll only occur in my dreams.

  20. I tried searching for breathable shoes on amazon and I did come across some which looked comfortable but not sure if you would like them ><

  21. Hello! So sorry I forgot to paste the link before. My bad. Here's the link!

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