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  1. What does that game have to do with this post? Asking as some who has very much wanted to play that game.

  2. They ain't supposed to do it to their own kind

  3. How friendly is this venue for 420 in the venue? Might seem silly but I'm from New York and have been looking for some chill NC edm fests bc I have friends in the area, but I'm afraid to death of the cannabis laws down there. Don't wanna get my life ruined for smoking joints and dancing....

  4. NC is decriminalized I’m pretty sure, been to sola multiple times and never had any issues smoking anywhere. Also never seen a cop inside either

  5. Pc version looks so much better than console. That dirt road is beautiful

  6. From what I can tell, they don’t turn invisible if you keep your camera looking at the main, center rock. Helped me a lot

  7. Would you sell just the shiny charizard?

  8. Not sure if you’re open to trades, but lmk if you see anything in my recent

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