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  1. The shy and embarrassed, but breathless, daring to be hopeful, and aroused look as they see themselves for the first time in the mirror with the dress on.

  2. It's gibberish, but wholesome gibberish. I think he supports without understanding.

  3. Western PAish region, yes. If you go to Texas and ask someone at HEB to grab you a buggy, they'll look at you funny.

  4. If you go to Texas and ask anyone for anything, they'll look at you funny.

  5. King of the Hill. Not because it's bad, but because it's too real and hits all kinds of bad shit from my childhood.

  6. As someone who has lived in Texas all his life, that is an extreme exaggeration lol

  7. Take it from this guy, Texans know all about extreme exaggerations.

  8. Norway can't afford to, as the map clearly shows their fjords are part of the affected areas.

  9. Stop saying statistically when you mean average goddamnit

  10. You hide in the box. The guards are the ones that "!"

  11. I know the sound from The Subspace Emissary, so while it's still not right, at least it doesn't seem like it's over the wrong person.

  12. This is a conservative’s illustration of what they consider a liberal hellscape to look like

  13. Well, it was about that time Gary noticed the mother was about eight stories tall and was a crustacean from the Paleozoic era.

  14. Depending on where in the country they are, 17/hr is garbage.

  15. Nothing >> garbage. If I get a job that doesn't pay a lot or have absolutely fantastic benefits I won't be able to afford the prescriptions I'm on, which are completely free with Medicaid in this state. The minute i take a job, Medicaid goes away. I literally can't afford to work for less than a lot.

  16. Time cook -> 9 -> 0 -> start. My microwave doesnt have any preset times or add 30s/1min type things

  17. And here I'd guessed that the first person to say this would be someone taking the madlad option.

  18. it's distinctly not AI, the shine on the legs are VERY clearly drawn with a circular pen with no pressure sensitivity and the pose is something AIs would royally fuck up.

  19. The whole thing is so very AI that I would suspect it was created by AI and then redrawn by a person.

  20. And Philippines is the new kid in the school trying to fit in.

  21. The Philippines have a good reason. A4 doesn't fit in their manila envelopes.

  22. A neb is a birds beak, a reb is a Russian soldier, idk about the other ones.

  23. Funny, Reb Tevye was strongly opposed to Russian soldiers. And Johnny Reb was a soldier, but not Russian.

  24. But it's not a quarter of a cow, it's a quarter of a beef. A beef is what's left when you skin, gut, and otherwise clean a cow. It's generally divided into two sides. Each is what is known as a side of beef. A quarter of a cow would have skin and head bits and all kinds of less tasty stuff.

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