Making a chess board out of chocolate

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Veterinarians must see more grown men cry than any other profession.

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  1. I hope this wasn’t a timed test and you were hoping Reddit would pull through for you.

  2. There’s some eye issues in a few of the young ones but overall.

  3. Beware of the Cat Hat snuggle upgrade. My SIC evolved from a Covers Kitty snuggling in my arms at night to a Cat Hat on my pillow.

  4. Twister because it’s dumb, fun, and Dodge Ram.

  5. I probably hold the record for most times seeing this movie in theaters. It came out the year my brother was in rehab for a spinal injury and because we were in Dallas, TX hours from our hometown for months. Because of this everyone who visited (my brother was very popular) made it a unofficial holiday ie. visit the huge malls, eat out, and see a movie. Let’s take the little sister to get her out of the hospital waiting room. It was the summer blockbuster so that’s what everyone went to see.

  6. They could take them off their backs to play hockey with!!

  7. I read this in Robin Williams voice. Great man.

  8. The Andromeda Strain was not brought to Earth by meteor. It was captured by a satellite as part of Project Scoop, an attempt by the US military to capture extraterrestrial organisms for use in biological warfare.

  9. Sounds dumb but going to bed on time is pretty damn amazing. I'm happier, have better discipline (make better nutrition choices, more productive at work/gym) and I'm a more patient and pleasant human in general.

  10. It’s 12:30 and because of your comment I’m logging off and going to bed.

  11. Do people actually eat these crazy creations after display or is it wasted?!

  12. Update: I just finished talking to my dad. I explained everything that happened at the mall and he apologized and said that he'll be returning everything that was bought and will be taking a day off work tomorrow so we could do something together. He also put up gf and daughter in a hotel so I can have space from them, and said they'll be staying there until my mom gets back. Once I'm ready to see them he said they will apologize to me and once my mom comes back he's going to have a talk with gf.

  13. We will need another update after the fallout has settled.

  14. That is adorable! I’ve never done it before but there’s a first time for everything lol

  15. With ears like that it’s my favorite thing to do!!!! I work at an animal shelter and do it at least 3 times a day.

  16. I’ve always wanted to work at an animal shelter!! It’s my dream job and even after researching the downsides I think it’s definitely worth it to possibly help animals in need of care :)

  17. Be prepared for low wages. Most animal shelters of 501C3/nonprofit but the ‘benefits’ are good.

  18. I dropped my cat off to get 2 of her teeth removed; even that was too much for me... I was in my Army uniform and I just had to walk out mid sentence because i was about to start crying in the waiting room at the thought of them hurting my cat. (I cried in my car) I love that cat.

  19. You’re a good human. And thank you for your service to felines.

  20. Thank you, I hope that Bailey knew she was a good dog and that she was safe, warm, fed, and loved in the short time I was with her. I was part of her short life and maybe one of the best parts.

  21. I always text back ‘thank you for reaching out! We’ve been trying to reach you about your vehicles extended warranty!’

  22. Not a chance. I looked everywhere for a house to rent even with good credit and there’s nothing decent unless you want to pay out the @$$.

  23. I would say this isn’t prorevenge until he’s caught and charged.

  24. A fox fairy danced through your yard and these are what springs up in places that they took a nap.

  25. Or mock and berate you for all the little failures and disappointments in your life even though you are working your ass off in a job you hate to spport your grad studies in the oh so demanding field of art history,LAUREN!

  26. They still exist but flooded and unreachable.

  27. NTA sour grapes or play with stupid men, win single parent baby blues.

  28. Cat hats are the best sleeping buddies. I have one too.

  29. Teeth would be flat like a cows or manatee if they were herbivores, sharp like a shark or tiger for carnivores. For hydrodynamic I would think the skin on the torso would be much tougher to prevent water logging, think wrinkly fingers/dishpan hands, or scales. I always imagined that the gills would be over the ribs instead of behind the ears like Kevin Costner in Waterworld because they’d be to small to provide the O2 needed. Also a full tail always seemed to be to outrageous with evolution pushing humans into the seas and think that hands and feet would become webbed before our legs would fuse. But that’s just my weird brain. Edit: look into aquatic camouflage. The tops are darker to mimic the ocean floor and bottom is lighter to hide against the lighter upward view. Also locational coloring such as kelp forests, darker green, vs vibrant coral reefs. Edit 2: also post some of your pics so we can see!

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