Shoplifter Stopped With Fatal 126 MPH PIT Maneuver

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  1. You might be right, but suddenly being held up as a role model and idolised by hundreds of thousands of people overnight is a lot of pressure and stress for anyone to deal with.

  2. If it reaches that point though she will have people to manage what that entails for her

  3. I am a little concerned about how she'll cope mentally after she leaves with all this attention on her. Not just from her haters, but her overzealous fans who have spirituality baptised her as a a living deity. Even if she is the type who likes to be the centre of attention, it's still going to be pretty overwhelming.

  4. I think the hate is minimal or at least not equal to the love she is receiving, as well as surrounding her actions or mistakes rather than her personality. So it will be easy for her to deflect and ignore.

  5. It's a very sad story but there is probably lots of other options available to the mother especially if she was responsible and planned in advance, instead of letting her circumstances reach the point that her son needs to eat and she has now food whatsoever and then just trys to steal.

  6. Idk if I'd call chucking some frozen chicken nuggets and waffle fries into an oven cooking. Says more about moms 'cooking' than the kid. If that's all he gets from chick fil a there probably is little difference.

  7. I wouldn't bother with it, just be sensible about when you use so that its not a problem. Mixing sleeping medication with coke is one of the biggest causes of people causing themself problems.

  8. You from the midlands? I don't think anyone else will have a clue what that means 🤣

  9. Yeah a fake friend is not really your friend, someone who doesn't put in the same effort is just someone who doesn't put in the same errort for whatever reason.

  10. pretty sure that bitch played both the sex and the race card to get out of it,

  11. Best example of a Karen I've seen. She even called the police when she was breaking the law. How entitled can you get.

  12. You know you are bad if you like selfish to a cyclist.

  13. Depends what you are talking about. Reddit for instance has millions of users and even more content to moderate. Simply put most individuals are inconsequential and it's impossible to keep on top of everyone and everything so bans are rhe best solution. They have no reason to believe you won't offend again and have communities who push for action.

  14. who says i don’t apply that logic to the others? we’re talking about davide. It’s fine for you to not think the same but it’s just how i feel. When people can proudly say things while being filmed, i think it’s not a bold claim to assume they say worse behind closed doors.

  15. That is true that you didn't, you did only refer to davide though and gave no indication that you did.

  16. when you say my opinion is “bizarre” i don’t really care for the conversation anymore lol.

  17. You are very sensitive. That was several replies ago so I think really you just don't have an argument for your opinion other than some bias you have against davide.

  18. If that is the case then I agree it's a solid reason. In the US restaurant prices are pretty reasonable compared to here in Canada so there may be places doing exactly what you're saying - making the option available at a loss. I was thinking of how it is here, inflated prices on everything including kids menu items which may be less profitable but rarely offered at a loss. So I retract my assumption as it probably does not apply everywhere or where the OP is.

  19. Your edit basically makes your post irrelevant. Essentially saying that kinks and fetishes are fine except for those that aren't or when they aren't practiced appropriately.

  20. I’m saying people should stop shaming others for having them. Like for example posting an image of a kink or fetish and calling it “cringe” and many other things, shaming people for stuff they didn’t chose to be into.

  21. As I said, depends on what it is. The thing about kinks and fetishes is that they are 'weird' or outside the norm as that is what makes them fetishes.

  22. What you are describing isn't elitism. Elitism isn't just preferring the best or what you believe is best.

  23. So really you are saying that having your feet out is nasty if you have nasty feet.

  24. Completely normal, stretch marks have always been something people haven't wanted.

  25. Why is escalating to 120 rather than pursuing from a distance preferable? The police made the speed higher, this person chose to run and the police chose to make it even more dangerous.

  26. How would that work? You think the driver would sit at 50 and let the cops follow at 50, the 2 never meeting? Obviously the driver has floored it to get away and the police have matched his speed to pursue. Whatever speed they follow at he will go faster to get away.

  27. You have no idea what an undercover cop car is, it turning off the flashing lights and staying a quarter mile behind.

  28. Couldn't disagree more. Tricking or pranking someone is largely entertaining because of the reaction and ingenuity behind it, which is all gone if its scripted. Another criticism if that was portrayed as being legitimate.

  29. A lot of its praise comes from it being very different and marketing.

  30. The book is present to paint the nazi larper as pathetic, as is the rest. It does its job well

  31. So as I said, the intention behind it is obvious so why pretend otherwise?

  32. Because op was denying that the books inclusion with the meme was calling Peterson fascist, not that he and his readers are pathetic. I'm calling Peterson a fascist, but the meme isn't explicitly

  33. Not really pertinent, the comment was saying the book had nothing to do with fascism. It was obviously included as a suggestion that the books fans, nazi larpers/sympathisers, view it as such.

  34. Idk to imply someone hooked up with someone when they didn’t, is slut shaming.

  35. Hardly, they are accusing or of cheating, slut shaming is calling a girl out for behaving in a way that they think is slutty. It's because she is in a relationship they have a problem.

  36. I can send you screenshots of incels on social media of them sl*t shaming her would that clear the delusion?

  37. Mad that so many people seem so unaware that the show is in fact a show and much more than what they see has actually happened.

  38. Admitting you aren't completely knowledgeable about something should definitely be more common, don't think it has to go hand in hand with keeping quiet or not participating. Still completely fine to join in, ask questions, look things up or ask other people about their sources or for more detail.

  39. It was because of someone else's ineptitude that he was killed. A child shouldn't have been able to get into the enclosure and the parents shouldn't have allowed it.

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