1. Hello, Do you still have this tiredness now, and how it worked out for you in the end?

  2. Levo was making me tired and lethargic. I switched to Synthroid and it wasn't much better. I switched to Tirosint and have had no issues since. I must have been having a reaction to one of the fillers.

  3. I’ve noticed my TSH often times spikes around ovulation then goes back to baseline. Perhaps you are experiencing a bit of a flare? Although I don’t know that joint pain is a side effect of hashis?

  4. We used this, it seemed to help my husband’s results in about 3 months. Analysis got better and better.

  5. Thank you! My husband is in really good shape, exercises regularly and eats pretty healthy, doesn’t drink much. He does smoke pot a few times a week so he has quit that and hopefully that will help because from a life style standpoint, that seems to be the only area for improvement. I will order the supplement!

  6. Thanks! I have had all of the thyroid labs done in the test bundle you mentioned.

  7. Don't worry.. mine is 111 and 2 days ago I went to rheumatologist and he discarded lupus... so a 2 is literally nothing..

  8. Thank you! Do you have another AID?

  9. I am on day 6 with Metronidazole. I also still very achy. You are not alone. Although my antibiotics is meant to last 10 days, how long is your dosage? I'm hoping that the achiness is the result of antibiotics working but I am still nervous.

  10. I had a 14 day course of doxy, 2x pew day.

  11. Yes, acute, heavy drinking can temporarily elevate liver enzymes. Normally, we see AST elevate more than ALT in the setting of alcohol ingestion, but this isn't necessarily a specific finding.

  12. I double checked and it actually was AST that elevated, not ALT. So this isn’t totally unusually? Do you know how long it usually takes to return to normal? Thank you 🙏🏻

  13. My TSH is basically 0, they had me on 300mg levothyroxine and they have now lowered it down to 200 and that still hasn't increased my TSH. I am sure they will be lowering again, but I can tell my metabolism is taking a nose dive. I haven't had a nornal range TSH for years and only my current/new doc looked at it as an urgent matter, she was concerned about possible heart issues.

  14. We’re you have any hyper thyroid symptoms?

  15. Yes!! I have had the whole range of symptoms too: high anxiety, heart palpitations, sweaty and heat intolerance, vision issues, weight loss, hair loss, exhausted but also like tired but wired(that was on the high doses of levothyroxine) and now I'm sluggish, cold intolerant, exhausted, weight gain, dry skin, vision issues still, dizziness....just crappy from A-Z.

  16. Gosh I’m sorry that sounds terrible

  17. My doctors have never said anything but I’d you research yourself you will find the most accurate labs are done as early as possible, fasting, before taking any medication including thyroid medication.

  18. My doctor requests that I fast, and get the blood done as early as possible in the morning before I take my meds.

  19. This is the proper way to get your thyroid labs done. Fasted, as early as possible, before meds.

  20. Any update on your biopsy?! 🤞 I am holding out hope for positive stories as I go through my first round of treatment.

  21. I wish I could give you a positive story. Still waiting on the biopsy. It could be another week. :-( I did have a vaginal swab done too that showed ureaplasma, which is a bacteria that your partner can catch, so my OB prescribed both of us five days of z-pack.

  22. Gosh how stressful for you to have to wait so long! I am sorry you are dealing with all of this!

  23. I did feel this too. I wasn't sure if it was my uterus or the antibiotics impacting my gut biome. Even after finishing the course, I have been more crampy and achy than normal for me.

  24. Thank you for sharing! I wondering about my gut too but it definitely feels lower like my uterus. I've gotten pretty good at distinguishing the two. Did your endometritis clear after one round of antibiotics?

  25. Can I ask what your symptoms were or did they find the endometritis on biopsy? I had a natural MMC in July. My last two periods have been the lightest of my life and last night after BD I had a very strange spreading, slightly painful burning sensation in and around my uterus. All out of the ordinary for me though my OB says not to worry because of normal cycle length and OD. Wondering how to advocate to get this checked out. Hope yours clears up ASAP and you’re successful:)

  26. I have not had a biopsy yet but I had chorio in labor with my last baby which is a risk factor and I have now had 7 recurrent implantation failures. 5-7 DPO I have extreme severe cramping. I thought it was implantation cramping but it turns out implantation cramping isn’t suppose to be so strong!

  27. Are you using the same brand test every time, or is it happening on multiple brands? I only ask because First Response is trash and has lines on every single test I take.

  28. I use other brands but first response is definitely my go to! I’ve had the best experience with that brand and they are the most sensitive. I thought they were the good standard!

  29. Cramping around that time is a normal symptom of progesterone and doesn’t necessarily mean you fertilized an egg or that you failed to implant.

  30. I have very clear, strong symptoms that we’ve fertilized an egg on the months we TTC that are never there and have never been there in months we don’t TTC. I know cramps can be normal (usually closer to period not five DPO) but they aren’t normal for me. I have confirmed with blood draws at least three times there is hCG in my system. The rest of the times, it’s literally the exact same experience to a T as the other months and I can only miss so much work every month to get poked only to confirm disappointing news I already knew to be true :/

  31. I would ask for a full thyroid panel including tpo and tg antibodies.

  32. I switched about 5 weeks ago, it’s brought my TSH from 28-7 in that time. Def have more energy, but have had extreme anxiety and dizziness. Dr and I are trying to figure out why but she’s claiming it’s not thyroid related. It started bad about two weeks into the switch. It has gotten slightly better.

  33. Thank you! I’ve heard this from a few ppl. I hope it resolves for you.

  34. Thank you, hoping so too! Maybe once my levels are correct it’ll get better, hoping at least!

  35. I’ve heard a few ppl mention the dizziness/anxiety when first switching because their TSH drops so fast. It sounds like yours did too. Hopefully once your body’s adjust it will be all good! How did you know you were allergic to levo? Did you have side effects?

  36. I tried it for months and it made no difference. Antibodies went up from 1200 to 2000. Not saying that was the cause but I know a lot of people try this to lower antibodies. It did not work for me.

  37. If you have the capacity and capability, I really think you should consult your endocrinologist. They will know how to keep you, your baby, and your body as healthy as possible before, during, and after conceiving.

  38. Thanks. I am working closely with my endo. I've seen three endos in the past few months. None of them have much to say about the antibodies so I guess just curious if others have had success/good health with such high levels.

  39. Obligatory not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Just wanted to share that both I and my sister have hashimotos. I'm not sure how high her antibodies are/were (my recollection is somewhere in the upper hundreds to low thousands) and she miscarried twice in a row before getting antibodies tested. She then went on the auto-immune-protocol diet (aka AIP diet) and her antibodies came down substantially. She successfully conceived and I now have a new nibling.

  40. Thank you for the note! I have gone gluten free and mostly dairy free but have not done full blown AIP diet. I have been thinking more about it. Whenever my inflammation markers are tested they are always extremely low!

  41. My husband and I had to do IVF - unexplained, male factor infertility possibly. Our first transfer we had a missed miscarriage at 13w (prior to my dx). My doctor did recurrent loss blood work which is how we found out about the Hashimoto’s. No one really gave me a definitive answer if the Hashimoto’s had anything to do with our first loss but my endo said it’s always a possibility.

  42. Thank you for sharing! It’s nice to hear positive stories. Do you know if your TPO levels are still high? Did your drs do anything different for the second transfer after they found hashimotos?

  43. TPO was never checked again so I have no idea! I’m assuming they’re probably high still. The only difference between the two transfers was starting me on synthroid, otherwise protocol was the same. I did a medicated cycle.

  44. Yes, though they didn't need an overnight. I actually would have preferred it, because it was really stressful to take a freshly operated on toddler home.

  45. Thank you so much for your response

  46. I would want my daughter to have her own space.

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