1. I graduated in STEM. But skin, chemicals and anatomy are kinda my hobbies. I regularly watch Dr Dray, Dr. Shereene Idriss, Victorian Cosmetic Institute and Dr. Gary Linkov on YouTube. Moreover i read researches, studies and papers on this topics. I’m always checking if the resources are trustworthy (like group sizes and methods in studies, who wrote the papers for what purpose, are the researchers only by pharma (who just wants to sell) or are they backed up by universities, clinics, etc…) If you are interested in this kinda stuff, i guess once you start, you are into it 😅

  2. It's called hyponatremia and there are a lot more than 2 recorded cases. WebMD rates it as "very common" with more than 3 million cases a year.

  3. oh i think it has happened to me too. literally drunk i-m-afraid-to-even-guess number of gallons of water one day (it was for weight-loss but I failed to consider that I already drink twice as hard as a regular person because I love water)

  4. this is princess Nokia?? I remembered her differently 🥴 is she being sarcastic (I hope)?

  5. I agree, and I want to add that naturally white/very pale people don't look better with a tan. Sorry, they just don't. They might not look awful but they're mostly seen as more beautiful by some because tan is associated with vacations, at least in this time period.

  6. photos are not good for typing but I definitely see straighter lines in your upper body, plus sharpness

  7. the looks themselves are cute (id wear something with the same vibe as the third picture) but I realize that it's not for everyone...... plus they clash with not only her body but also "insta chiseled baddie" essence

  8. Because of the 3ird picture I see TR. Very similar with Jimin body wise

  9. But Marilyn is SD??? She's 5'5 1/2 while height limit for Rs is 5'5😤 look at that Vertical ^

  10. I don't know this lady but my first impression was sharpness. In the scenario where she is now underweight, she still has loooong limbs. I noticed that Rs at the lower weight seem to look gaminish or classic but definitely not pure D.

  11. I think SN But a very R-leaning SN with a lot of yin (as opposed to some SN who are closer to being pure N)

  12. Have you checked out Korean of Japanese sunscreens? Their formulations tend to be less greasy than American brands.

  13. I've heard that they're not tested properly..? (in terms if they have enough SPF as promised) Do you have any certain brand names that are "verified"?

  14. that happened with purito sunscreen i think but i think they came out with new one and lab results have come out and is good spf again but i like canmake mermaid one and isntree watery gel which is good too , beauty of joseon one i’ve got otw but i’ve heard good reviews on that too!!

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