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  1. I am hoping to do this next weekend. How much snow on the trail?

  2. Getting to lower Chicago wasn’t bad. There were definitely some muddy spots and a few patches of deep snow but still an enjoyable hike. Getting to upper Chicago or Summit lake is a doable but there is a lot of snow and lots of post-holing. Only saw 2 other people on the trail above Idaho reservoir which was amazing.

  3. Do satellites get clearance for certain orbit levels like planes or how do they make sure that none of them collide?

  4. I bought a trek roscoe 6 a couple of months ago as my first real mtb and I am really enjoying it. I am just getting into mountain biking so it is the perfect bike to give me confidence about hitting new features on the trail. The front fork is a little lacking and would be my first major upgrade and the plus sized tires make you feel very planted which provides stability but also makes it feel a little sluggish at times. Have you checked out a specialized rockhopper elite/expert?

  5. Yeah, I wanted to hit a few more trails up there but the dust started getting really bad so I called it early.

  6. Saw the most disgusting subdivision advertisement the other day. It was a “buy to rent” subdivision basically selling new builds to investors so they can profit. I try not to look at rising housing prices because I just feel doomed but honestly if major policy changes don’t happen the American dream of homeownership is dead for all but the rich.

  7. Camping without a fire is awful. Just gonna come out and say it. It’s unfortunate that people are irresponsible and should obviously not be done on day where fire risk is high.

  8. It is certainly just my opinion but a campfire for me is at the core of camping. There is something extremely human and beautiful about sitting around a camp fire with friends. And it may be simple but nothing beats a hot dog and some s’mores roasted over the fire. Besides when it gets chilly at night you are just going to be sitting around an empty pit and that’s super lame.

  9. I did want to ask about sending jumps. I feel like I am getting better at riding and we have a bunch of bike parks with some awesome pump tracks and dirt jumps but I am afraid to destroy my bike. Should I be?

  10. I am not HIV+ so no I have not. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t scare some people away but it’s not a death sentence anymore. It’s also something that is now preventable. If I was looking at a long term relationship with someone that had HIV it is definitely a conversation that I hope would be had after a couple of dates.

  11. Would you go on a Tinder date with someone that said HIV+ in their profile?

  12. For a hook up probably not, a little risky because it would be an awkward conversation to have about their medication regimen and then you wouldn’t be also taking the drug. If I enjoyed the banter and they were looking for something a little more long term absolutely. Descovy Prep is amazing something like 99.7% protection if only one person is on it. If both people are taking it and then coupled with condoms it’s virtually safe.

  13. Story time. After college I split up with my fiance after two years. I didn't see it coming and shortly after I found out it was because she wanted to sleep with her new neighbor. I was drinking too much and if it wasn't for friends making me hang out with then I'm not sure how things would have gone.

  14. Thank you for sharing this story, it means a lot. My fiancé and I are also splitting up. We have been together for 6 years and it feels crippling at times. I still have a lot of healing to do but it’s times when I get to bike a trail and see a sunset that bring me a lot of peace and clarity. I am absolutely waiting for that moment you are describing and I know eventually things will be alright.

  15. Hidden Mesa near Castle Rock. The trail itself is eh but the sunset and star gazing is phenomenal. Usually very quiet too.

  16. Same thing happens to me and I have a Marlin. Specially noticeable when there’s a lot of bumps, I’ve learned to ignore it. I searched here and

  17. Okay good. It’s not that bad, just a little annoying. Wanted to make sure there wasn’t something wrong with my new bike!

  18. I am 5’11” and I ride a medium. Local bike shop let me try out a large and my knees kept locking out every once in a while when pedaling even though the saddle was all the way down. Measured myself and my leg to torso ratio is a little off from the average person lol. Pedaling is a lot more comfortable but something now feels off about the reach. I believe the stem is slight shorter so I am going to try and lengthen that and see if it feels better.

  19. It’s clearly a mistake…..it says 31-34k per year.

  20. Sounds like the poor pup was stressed out, not being trained or suitably exercised or played with.

  21. Exactly, she was hands down the cutest pup but we got her on the older side and she had grown up with a lot of other dogs and on a farm. She didn’t have her shots so we couldn’t take her to the dog park and didn’t do very well with walks. She hated her leash and was scared of everything. I only know the very basics of training so a lot of it was likely my fault but I knew we were over our heads. She would bounce around in the apartment and whine a lot and I knew this wasn’t the space for her so we didn’t end up keeping her long. I really hope she ended up with a pack or back on the farm and turned out to be a beautiful dog.

  22. She values a dog more than you. She's impractical and has no empathy for you. Inform her that she can have a dog but not as your fiance.

  23. That’s basically the conversation we had today. Just wanted to vent on here and get a little validation. I feel insane breaking it off over this but when I boil it down it’s more about the disregard for how I feel and the obsession that she has with it. Don’t get me wrong I want her to be happy but I am not willing to jeopardize my mental health and put a dog in a less than ideal situation for it. I told her that if that’s her decision that’s okay but it wouldn’t involve me. Sucks but the bad thing is that I feel a little relieved at this point.

  24. I'll just say that there's plenty of work for healthcare professionals in the homeless space.

  25. I work in the hospital but I don’t provide direct care otherwise I could definitely put that to use. In the past I have volunteered at free clinics helping register patients and I might look to get plugged in that way in Denver too.

  26. Advocate for rent control, vacancy taxes and police reform/defunding and you’ll make a greeter impact on the homeless community then any other effort.

  27. Yeah I keep going through this loop which leaves me feeling powerless.

  28. After this shit winter?? I will hunt your behind down with a fire hose in tow. We have no business having or promoting fires in colorado. The state is a tinder box. Here’s hoping I don’t have to run from another wildfire…one was too many…

  29. While I hope that nobody has to run from wildfires again anytime soon isn’t the snow pack above average now?

  30. I didn’t see them when I went but I’m pretty sure they are still around.

  31. It’s funny how a struggling working class directly relates to an uptick in crime. 🤔

  32. I’m mostly riding XC trails rn given that I don’t trust my current bike. I live in the Denver area so there is a lot of variety and I am looking to get into some more playful or technical descents. I would still consider myself a beginner but I am looking for a bike that will encourage me to be confident and allow me to grow my skills. I’m certainly not expecting this bike to do big jumps or full blown downhill but I would like it to last for a few years and then reevaluate my skill level.

  33. The roscoe and rockhopper seem to be pretty similarly spec’d (other than fork) but the dropper will always be an advantage, I didn’t have one til I bought my roscoe and won’t get a bike without one or without one on the way to install. If you’re in the Denver area there should be a ton of shops that might have stock, specs alone aren’t enough to decide which bike you prefer at this price range since they are pretty similar. I’d try going to some shops and test riding them in the parking lot, get a bike that really fits you

  34. Planned to go to a couple tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be making a NBD post!

  35. What is getting obliterated in Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota?

  36. That would be a terrifying way to die. I’m glad they had the right equipment to locate and dig him out.

  37. This is extremely weird to me, if I get the American law, if I'm 18 year old today and a girl is 17 and 364 days old the relationship is illegal?

  38. Most states have a Romeo and Juliet law that allows this sort of situation to occur. In my state if you are under 15 you can consent with someone up to 4 years older and if you are at least 16 that increases to 10 years older.

  39. Yeah I mean I have always heard stories like this and it’s application in that regard is so archaic. Taking away 5 years of someone’s life like that is awful and parents who push for it are awful humans.

  40. Did any of the components get upgraded year over year? For example, NX to GX or 2 piston to 4 piston brakes?

  41. They have increased the prices of all their bikes. It’s the same year model and therefore the same specs, they just slapped a new price on it.

  42. Just looked at their site. 2022 Roscoe 6 is listed at $1,180. Same with a few online sites. Did they announce an updated price sheet somewhere else?

  43. Lmao you can downvote me to hell now. The website has me listed in Australia. I’m just dumb.

  44. Seen a guy tearing it up on a pos Walmart bike I think anything is possible as long as you wana ride 🤷

  45. Lol this was me not too long ago. Took my academy bike down a pretty steep and chunky trail. Ended up burning out my brakes (only the front was a disc brake) and took a corner way to fast. Bailed off the bike as it slammed into a rock face. It cracked the handlebars and somehow broke off both of the brake levers too. Definitely not an experience I want to repeat and I’m looking for some better equipment.

  46. That has nothing to do with it. If you read what I typed, you will find that I said that they don’t make exceptional bikes, but they make bikes that are just as good as anyone else. They are not better.

  47. After researching the suggestions unfortunately specialized does seem to have the most robust build for the money. $1100 and it even has an air-sprung fork. Tough choice because I have also read that their sales tactics are shitty for smaller bike shops.

  48. Is this for real? We just moved to Denver and I am very much looking forward to camping this summer. My fiancé and I both have weekdays off so we were hoping that we wouldn’t have to beat the crowd.

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