1. Is it cool if I ask you questions about the program? How do you find it the program what do you wanna do after you graduate? What other schools did you apply too?

  2. No harm in applying early. You can just apply to everything now and complete supp apps in winter break

  3. Do supp apps have to be completed before applying or can you apply then do supp aps?

  4. That is VERY possible still to get even mid 80s as long as you put in the work

  5. 84? That should still very much be possible to get 90+ by the end of semester 1. In my opinion I think you are overthinking it

  6. If you apply early, universities might look at Sem 1 Midterm to give you early offers/admissions if your sem 1 midterm + Gr 11 final marks (For whichever compulsory courses that you have not yet taken in Grade 12) is good. This will put you at an advantage since you will be getting an offer early, taking the stress off your shoulder. If your sem 1 midterm marks are not good enough, however, they will wait till you have your sem 1 final marks or even until you have your sem 2 midterm marks before making a decision. A bad sem 1 midterm average will not eliminate your chance of getting into your program because they will wait till later on to make a decision.

  7. If I have calculus next semester, what grade 11 mark would they use? Advanced functions?

  8. brock and york should be light, mcmaster might be tight tho given its high 80s to low 90s usually

  9. Also what do you think is considered high 80s? 87-89?

  10. Yeah I should be able to push my average to high 80s forsure as its midterms right now and I also have my 96 in kin which will really boost my final top 6 average

  11. But when applying like does it count towards your midterm mark or?

  12. How long do u study for adv functions every day?

  13. knowt is good too and it’s basically quizlet but you don’t have to pay to learn

  14. How would the format of your review sheets look like? I personally can't make mine aesthetic cause I'm not good at drawing

  15. Pretty good songs but I cant be the only one epexecting more/ better songs especially from the snippets he's been posting bro, we couldn't even get ykwia? :(

  16. I think these ones are most likely on it forsure freestyle 3

  17. he just confirmed freestyle 3 on the tape, i also posted that screenshot here

  18. Brother it's time to accept that Kenyatta Frazier Carson is not dropping on Halloween.

  19. Dw I got a 71-73% right now in bio after my first test lab and some quizzes, I made a reddit post here before and people said its defiently possible to get an 85-90% so having an 84 right now and getting to a 90 is more than possible, at least your not as low as me 😭

  20. Ok thanks, what grade should I be aiming at to achieve at least 85?

  21. I actually want to apply to this program soon, what grades / courses did you have in grade 12? Also, what other schools did you think about applying too along with mcmaster? Thanks. Also I took calc just to apply to mcmcaster do you think its worth it? My other options don't need calc. Thanks

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