1. It is a weird deal. How many people want to buy two of the same tool?

  2. Probably more geared towards contractors or business owners

  3. Can you do the hack with the battery?

  4. There was one particular line one of the young boys said that seemed odd. Until I realized it's exactly how some jarhead would've said it. Really sold that aspect of it to me.

  5. Maybe you’re thinking of when Jake asked his younger son if he was understood, to which he said “Lima Charlie” as in “loud and clear”?

  6. Chaves Sangre Street Flipper, Kaviso + QSP Penguin

  7. Don’t see the Minichamp Alox too often, nice 👍🏽

  8. You’re fine. Automatic knives over 2” are illegal in CA. A flipper tab is still considered manual, even if the knife is “spring assisted”, and the closing/locking mechanism doesn’t matter.

  9. Casio still makes them brand new as part of their “Vintage” line of watches, however they’re made of plastic instead of all metal like the old days.

  10. Ahh is that highball the full ti version?

  11. How do you like the Jotter? I'm considering buying it but I'm afraid that it will be too thin.

  12. So far it’s been great, smooth and stylish. My only complaint is the weight; I thought it’d be heavier. Maybe because I’m used to the Zebra F-701. This one doesn’t feel as solid.

  13. Great choice, I hope it treats you well! Looks great

  14. https://appliedweaponstech.com/products/benchmade-full-size-griptilian-grip-kit

  15. I second AWT, one of the best names in aftermarket scales for Benchmade

  16. Worth the cost? As much as the knife, not saying it’s not worth it though

  17. In my opinion, absolutely. I have 2 sets of their scales and they’re great. They add weight, rigidity, and have a nice smooth texture. Warranty is awesome too. Most aluminum/titanium scales are in that same price range

  18. A leather pocket slip with a clip, or “clip slip”, is probably your best option. You can find classy looking ones on Etsy

  19. Did your Pelican case begin to yellow quickly? How’s the quality

  20. Just how good are those Pelican phone cases? I’m debating picking one up for my 14PM

  21. Bro you’ve got to get some bronze hardware now!

  22. Leatherman Rev is on sale at bladeHQ, $40

  23. Victorinox Alox Mini Champ, usually sells for about $63 so I couldn’t resist the deal

  24. I just picked up the same one, I thought maybe it was counterfeit since it was so much cheaper compared to other listings and even Victorinox’s own site. Safe to say it’s the real thing, and a steal at $41

  25. Quite honestly it doesn’t seem that way, it was in immaculate condition and all the tools still had a light coat of oil. You and I scored an awesome deal regardless 👍🏽

  26. Awesome knife, got this exact one in my pocket today

  27. Really dig how fast it deploys with just the thumb flick…

  28. And the way it drops shut 🤌🤌

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