To all people who think America is fucked, what one thing would you change to try and fix things?

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  1. Also the USA let one get away with the war crimes in exchange for the medical data.

  2. The USA is like the Japanese. They did the horrible thing of dropping two atomic bombs on civilian towns. And they downplay it, argue it was necessary, basically weasel out of any responsibility. Just like the russians today in Ukraine when they bomb towns, hospitals and theatres.

  3. If Wales wants to get mentioned, then why not ... Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern...

  4. Ich kenne jemanden, der von beiden Eltern nacheinander sitzengelassen wurde.Mal wares der Alkohol,mal die intrigierende Stiefmutter. Er kam in eine Jugendwohngemeinschaft, nicht in ein Heim.

  5. Yup, it works. Also, if in Southern California around LA area, there are license plates frames with KMA-xxx (numbers) that were the old call signs for the police department. LAPD officers often get the plate frames for family members and significant others and it drastically cuts down on getting pulled over, but the occasional time you do you will often be greeted “who do you know on the force?” or something similar so be ready with a story.

  6. Who’s the smartass who put the explosive warning sticker on the bombs

  7. The same smartass that lost 15 soldiers because some dumbass confused training/exercise ammunition with real ammunition.

  8. This guy was put by his home country, Georgia, on the Interpol "Wanted" list. So Germany had to find out if he was really a criminal, or if this was politically motivated.

  9. I don't really miss them.For a start, almost none of these nude scenes were important for story unfolding. So they seemed a bit arbitrary and unneeded to me.

  10. Hell was made to punish Satan? You jest, or you have never actually read the book of Job (Hiob).

  11. Hell was made to punish Satan? You jest, or you have never actually read the book of Job (Hiob).

  12. Except most countries don't have literal Neo Nazi battalions who use the black sun and commit massacres and war crimes.

  13. Azow did that, e.g. Amnesty International reported this. And I tend to believe AI, they aren't buyable.

  14. He's exactly what Ukraine needs, someone who represents what many people in Ukraine think about Nazi mass murderers.

  15. Just the other day Melnyk denied Ukrainians mass-murdering Poles ... you still think he 8s what Ukraine needs?

  16. I think if war in Ukraine is not over by the end of the year russia will try to use gas cutting off for Europe in winter when it is needed the most. They will use it as a leverage to try to remove some sanctions, or try not going into deeper sh*t

  17. Interesting. And before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Western media as well spread information about Ukrainian Nazis. Facebook even banned the Azov battalion. And 40 US congressmen demanded to declare the Azov battalion as a terrorist organization. It turns out that all of them were under the influence of Russian malicious propaganda.

  18. Well, even Amnesty International had the odd reports of this. Actually about the "old" Azow battalion, before it got new leadership and were made part of the Ukrainian armed forces.

  19. Not the EU, just Germany and we’re not folding.

  20. And where is your evidence on this? An EU body makes a questionable statement, and you don't blame them, but some random country you seem to not like?

  21. What do you think was the scope of the visit of the leaders of France, Germany and Italy. 3 European countries with heavy economic ties with Russia. Do you think was about what weapons needs Ukraine to win? I think it was about how much of the territory should Ukraine give Russia and in return a fast integration in UE.

  22. You think ... so, in other words, except your bad faith you don't have anything substantial.

  23. It's both as those 2 are so often intertwined.

  24. While the entire Balkans and Eastern Europe faces a serious demographics decline, I think Romania is on another level.

  25. This numbers make me wary of the Ukraine ever joining the EU. I welcome them, why not.

  26. Well, the US people have little understanding, they attach the tag "socialism" to many things that aren't socialism at all (seizing of the means of production, putting it into government hands).

  27. And when Liechtenstein gets one covid death more, they're gonna be leading this statistic

  28. Not before the Vatican state! An even smaller and way older population.

  29. Most Europeans done have the money to travel to other continents either. That would be a more accurate comparison. A German traveling to France would be just like someone in Virgina going to North Carolina.

  30. A german travelling to Hurghada or Gran Canaria is already traveling to Africa. Happens a lot.

  31. Not owning a passport. I don’t know if that is a myth but I hear that a huge percentage of Americans have never been out of the country and don’t even have a passport.

  32. I heard only 10% of US americans ever leave their country. Why?

  33. I would change how education is funded and education is organized. "Education" in a very broad sense.

  34. UK has grown more since Brexit than any other major European economy. Is that collapse?

  35. Here (Barcelona) silver Mercedes are preferred by total shitbags, the wastes of perfectly good air who feel they're a cut above everyone else.

  36. In Germany, then drivers of the bigger Audis have a worse reputation than the Mercedes ones.

  37. Chrushtshev and his shoe in the united nations assembly ...

  38. No, educate turkish people so that they don't believe such lies as likely as you.

  39. What channel? I cannot view it without me loggin' in to Youtube. Which I never do, as don't want them to track me.

  40. But do you all still know why you hate each other? As a German I have never felt the slightest repercussions let alone hate in any country, from Portugal to Poland. Also not it Istanbul or Tessaloniki. Maybe I am just a lucky Guy and I look more like sb from Spain or Italy but also If I reveal my secret germanness, nothing but interested questions. Also people in Greece would now that it's not me "ruining them" (that's a whole other story) but the government. They didn't Like Merkel but were friendly towards me. Of course you sometimes have to start being friendly (it's a huge difference to just being polite) but if Europe was able to forgive Germany, what is it that's so important that you would even hate normal citizens or tourists from each other. Turkey and Greece are both very nice to visit, have a Long History and culture. I just think it's wasting time being enemies of you don't have an actual reason like we all hate the Kreml.

  41. In France I have felt some hate. Or better, strong dislike. Still France is an exceptional country, de Gaulle let the people of Saarland vote if they wanted to belong to Germany or to France. On the other side, Sorbish and Danish are protected minority languages here, but German isn't neither in Alsace nor Lorraine. There was a huge francophonization happening there.

  42. I wasn't talking about charging him. I know he has immunity. Just curious if these statements would violate the laws already. Afaik German law also forbids denying historical facts about the Holocaust. Which he did

  43. I don't think it violates german laws. E.g. one can discuss it:

  44. Even though we always say that our economy is shit, our government is shit we(Italy) managed to remain basically most of the time in the top 10.

  45. No, you didn't. The first working TV was done by Paul Nipkow. Not a brit.

  46. This one particular tickles me, as it was a British person that invented the internet used across the world today. Americans tend to assume that they invented all modern technology.

  47. Well, HTTP, HTML and browser, webserver was invented by a brit while in Switzerland, at CERN.

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