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  1. Give yourself a break before the test

  2. I can not stand drunk drivers. They deserve so much punishment.

  3. I had a issue where I locked the cockpit and couldn’t unlock it. This was in the MSR Star-runner

  4. There’s no way anyone got hurt in the cab, either way drunk drivers are clowns and deserve to have their license revoked

  5. I believe in & trust Jesus Christ!

  6. Lady giving birth and it was in a crackhouse and the boyfriend or whatever tf he was had a knife and was highly aggressive, had to wait 30 ish minutes for police to arrive and clear the scene

  7. Halo needs to be taken away from 343

  8. This helmet is one of the best in the game but it makes you look like fucking E.T

  9. Put your hood in a bucket and watch how raunchy it gets. The water turns black

  10. So I’ll tell you this as someone in the academy - my little pre-existing ouchies have not gotten any better since I started, and the things I’ve hurt since I started have not healed. Better to let yourself heal than to start and not be able to finish.

  11. Thank you for the input! I guess it can’t be helped. Just going to send it

  12. That picture made me laugh so hard back in the day, good throwback

  13. Nothing anymore, 343 ruined halo for me

  14. A shame they didn’t put ones for S1 retroactively. I don’t like the wolf emblem crap.

  15. Yeah it actually blows my mind they don’t give you nameplates for the the first season of ranked. When they showed the season 1 ranked nameplates in a trailer lol

  16. Not necessarily but none the less it’s whatever LOL

  17. Who needs a Arrow farm when you can conjure arrows /s

  18. I honestly do believe Halo would benefit and work great as a BR.

  19. I just want to launch from ODST pods like the start of halo 3 odst. That would be so cool

  20. Ahhh I can tell you didn’t watch the gameplay trailer through comcast on demand. That’s how I learned about it

  21. God didn't reject you. Sometimes bad things happen and we don't know why. Get help for your mental illness, accept grace, and move forward.

  22. Adding to this, Christian’s face tons of hardships like anybody else. Just because we believe in God doesn’t mean we aren’t gonna have rough patches or be free from anything bad happening in our life

  23. It DOES NOT fix the duplication. Don't bother with the reset.

  24. I can confirm it does, I had to reset my character because I could no longer claim my ship. I had a lot of duped ships and after I reset it got rid of all them

  25. Halo 3 all day, reach is next in line

  26. You can self destruct a ship?

  27. Yes. In the pilot seat you can hold backspace to start the self destruct sequence, same keybind to kill yourself while walking.

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