To scare young protestors off (Iran)

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  1. The strap on came in today from amazon, and I'm going to fuck you as hard as Steph pounds the game.

  2. While waiting for this video to load, my initial thoughts "Sami damn dat phat ass"

  3. Me, an alcoholic - "Cool, can I just have my fucking drink now, please?"

  4. Michael King. I know it wont happen, but he would be my top pick.

  5. Oh, the level of "you love to see it" here is so glorious, i just want to roll in it like a cat does with catnip. FUCK BOSTON!

  6. Imagine being the insurance agent that's responsible for the details on Darby Allin for the AEW account.

  7. If you didn't emphatically and repeatedly chant out "Fuck him up!" during this video, then what are even doing here?

  8. For the first 15000 fans in attendance of today's game, courtesy of Sato Healthcare innovations, you'll receive a complementary broom for "Sweep night" at the stadium.

  9. The hardest part whenever something like this happens is the responsibility of properly disposing of your coworker's body, seeing that the authorities mistakenly don't believe that homicide is a justifiable response/retaliation to such an affront.

  10. Why buy and restore a 1989 Toyota Hilux when you can just buy a brand new Toyota Corolla?

  11. Some idiot left it out in the elements. So just a little surface rust to buff out, fresh coat of bacon grease and new paint, switched in a new timing chain, and it's better than new!

  12. Anyone who claims that Ohtani is the MVP should just shut the fuck up and sit down at this point.

  13. I see her taste in men hasn't gotten better.

  14. I was at this game, a lot of people left when it was 4-8. The rest of us that stayed exploded when Judge tied Ruth. I was happy with that, then Dongcarlo really sent us all home happy.

  15. If you look at the lights and squint very very hard, while dropping your IQ by 70 points, and repeating the phrase "I hate the yankees." over and over again, you'll start to see the reasoning of those people that believe that Ohtani deserves the MVP. It isn't at all valid, and should be considered a joke. But if you do all those things just right, you can see it.

  16. Bryan Danielson coming back for one night only with an Eco friendly AEW title to shame us for buying all of these plastic collector cups. I'm all for it!

  17. Yoo guys, been seeing the posts around lately. I'd appreciate it if somebody can explain me what "White Rabbit" is.

  18. People think that WWE is teasing a Bray Wyatt return.

  19. Bo looking like a little Dutch boy that is desperate to put his finger in the hole if a dike.

  20. The way he's knocking them around, you'll have a better chance at catching 74th in six days.

  21. I don’t wanna get my hopes up but I bought the last home game vs Baltimore in hopes of 62. My hopes I believe look to be dashed so now I’m crossing fingers for 74 hah

  22. I bought tickets in the bleachers for Tuesday's game. Fully expecting Ruth to have company at 60 by nights end. Maybe Maris at 61 as well. I might by tickets to that Baltimore game as well depending how Tuesday goes.

  23. Retire is a good option. Not for your wallet, but for our sanity.

  24. Sounds like Chip Wilson should have a date with my good friend Gill O'Teen.

  25. Well, because I cant get enough sleep without it. I can't remember the last time I drank simply for fun or a quick buzz. Now I just need it. I know that this will kill me some day, sooner than later, but i just don't have many other options. Even with cutting down, from liters of whiskey to now just beer, it's still something that I can't escape or go without for too long. DTs are terrible, and addiction is merely cheaper in the US than medical treatment.


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