I know nothing about Harry Potter, ask me anything

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  1. Really miss the geography lesson opening credits that GoT had

  2. It would be cool if we got it back for season 2 since we’re moving into the war now and there’ll be a lot more movement.

  3. Well Aemond isn’t exactly known for being the best liked son so there’s that. And in the end he still got Vhagar so he felt the eye was fair trade. It was really his mother who made a bigger stink publicly

  4. Boston in general has gotten more strict over the years - esp near college campuses. I've had friends real out-of-state IDs get turned away and bouncers have told them 'show a passport or we'll assume it's fake', that's the Baker administration for you...

  5. Nah Amherst was like that too, as someone who had an out of state license and had to show two additional ids and still didn’t guarantee I’d be let in

  6. The movie made me love Lucy. We finally get to see why she's good for Tom. She thinks of Sybbie's well being

  7. Lucy seems to be the kind of stepmom kids don’t dare dream is possible. In fact, she probably understands Sybbie more because until she was six, she was brought up thinking her own mother died in childbirth (or soon after) and she was raised by her father and grandmother. It ended very differently for the pair but I think Lucy could really understand the bond Sybbie and Tom have and respects it.

  8. You know that’s interesting, I didn’t even think of that. Now that you mention it, it would have been nice to hear the dowager mention Isobel in her last moments. However, I think we can be safe in the knowledge that the dowager learned to love Isobel and become friends with her and we were privileged to see that on screen long before we ever got to meet Lady Bagshaw. It’s like we already know how much the dowager appreciated Isobel like, it’s already implied although she didn’t actually say it.

  9. I agree but at the very least they had their moment beforehand where violet admitted she trusted Isobel and her opinion above all others. That was huge of Violet to admit and meant a great deal to both women. Isobel could feel that they made their peace just the two of them already and nothing else needed to be said

  10. I mean, Edith was kind of asking for something from Mary in that moment. Her line was “I’m getting married and you’ve lost your man, and you just can’t stand it.” I’m not saying Mary was right to reveal THAT secret to Bertie, but since Edith knows how Mary can be, it seems a little insane that she would poke a tiger knowing that Mary has likely guessed Marigold’s status. But as others have said, she likely would have told him anyway. She sabotaged her relationship with Strallan, which would have likely led to a marriage since it was pre-war when he still had use of his arm, so what’s one more sabotage when Mary’s unhappy? That being said, she did ask Carson to leave the room under the guise of asking him to get them more coffee, so it’s like she planned to tell from the very start of the scene when Bertie said they had news, regardless of what Edith did or said to her.

  11. This. Edith poked the bear and Mary lashed out and everyone acts so shocked. Except that’s exactly how Mary always responds when Edith provokes her. Add the fact that she’s heartbroken and feeling guilty about driving Henry away and my god I was shouting at the tv. Edith needed to read the warning signs!!

  12. “You must make John look gay.”

  13. At least in this case it was a kid. Jenelle was 34 and her parents were in their 50s-60s. I have concerns about the educational system they went though

  14. She did exist though it's not like it was an entirely invented identity.

  15. and they dismissed Cari's moms missing persons report because Cari was diagnosed bipolar and chalked up her disappearance to going off her meds and going AWOL. Maybe let's not be so quick to dismiss missing person reports, even if there is a history of mental illness? Could have been solved so much earlier if the original police officers just....did their job.

  16. I expected a reveal that the cops knew all along, and that's why at the beginning they didn't try harder to arrest or find Cari- with all the twists, I was surprised there wasn't any there. They just didn't do their job.

  17. Nah they’re not competent enough to be involved. How did Dave not realize that Liz was the one capable of all the stalking and harassment after she interrupted his and Caris date AND was pressuring him regularly to be exclusive. Idk about you but to me that was a huge red flag.

  18. I had an incident where one of my friends was actively attempting suicide in a whole different state. I had to call the police in their state and I was able to tell them the address and even some details of how they were attempting it, but the operator seemed to get pissed off and started scolding me saying they needed more information. It's honestly kind of a blur and I don't remember everything that happened but I think they put me on hold and then transferred me to somebody else who was more helpful or something.

  19. similar situation, but it was my dad. i was at school in massachusetts, he lived in florida with his mom. called me crying and saying he was going to walk into the ocean and never come out (at the time my grandma was in intensive care after having sepsis after surgery). So naturally I called 911, the operator was fine from what I can remember, but the officer who called me when he went to check on my dad said "he's fine, he just misses you. you should book a flight and come visit your dad," like it was MY fault my father threatened suicide to his 19 year old daughter. Really stuck with me, and it's been 14 years since it happened.


  21. The no kids thing is the only one I find at least a tiny bit understandable. Plenty of people have no kid weddings and that’s their decision! But everything else just 🤮🤮🤮 what an awful friend she was.

  22. I’m just watching this now. When she’s with Karamo and he’s talking about burnout and her response is “but I’m tough I can take it”. Oooofff. I felt this and you could see she knew how bad this was. Burnout happens to the best of us- speaking as someone currently there

  23. Yep. I work in travel - I love my job but the amount of cancellations postponements policy changes verbal abuse ect makes it tough to get out of bed some mornings.

  24. Always loved Cora for the respect and love she has for all her staff.

  25. This moment. When she catches on so quickly that the host is being a super snob and basically uses her clout to ensure her hardworking servants enjoy the night out they deserve. She just knew that if she said these are my friends he’d bend over backwards for them and I’m here for it.

  26. As someone who watched americas next top model, every time Tyra gets ready for the elimination I just think “11 beautiful ladies stand before me but I only have 10 photos in my hands. These photos represent the women still in the running to become America’s Next Top Model. One of you will be eliminated.”

  27. ok, I wouldn't be mad if they started doing eliminations like that 😂😂😂 complete with the eliminated celebrity fade out

  28. Congratulations. You’re still in the running to become America’s Next Mirrorball Champion

  29. I will watch it but I am no way near as excited about it as I would have been if they hadn't screwed up GOT so badly. I also have no desire to rewatch GOT. But I will give the new show a chance especially since D&D are no where near it.

  30. That’s my feeling. But I know a few fans who stubbornly are refusing to watch the new one. Even though as you said D&D are nowhere near this project and one of the best directors is now a showrunner. Also ALL THE DRAGONS

  31. I love Larry Grey--such a bad person, so slimy.

  32. Lord Mertons takedown of Larry in the series finale was quite possibly one of my favorite side plot scenes. “As my son I love you, but I’ve tried and failed to like you”. So much respect. Larry was a good villain though - he played it so you just kind of wanted to punch him in the face every time he graced the screen

  33. Interesting. I actually get it - she’s 16 and she cares about William but she’s not in love with him (which is fine!) but mrs patmore gets her to keep it quiet until he leaves. Daisy always wanted to correct his perception but is kept being told not to so when he’s injured and dying she really has no choice but to marry him. She was forced into it and felt it was false, and she didn’t want to do that to William or have it on her conscience

  34. Also, Bates and Anna are so very happy! Now they are in hell! Now they are ever so happy! Now they are in hell again!

  35. I wonder if they just became BFFS with Sgt Willis afterwards because they saw him so much

  36. Oh thank god you corrected that, I was like wracking my brains 😂 but now I can hear her say Martin

  37. Funny enough Gregson took over his role as Martin in series 3 and 4 for the Crown 😂. Now all they need is strallan to play him in series 5 and 6 and it’s a trifecta

  38. Just out of curiosity who is this woman in the picture I know she is like the official mascot of Karens everywhere but is she actually a Karen or just a woman with a Karen haircut

  39. I’m not sure in this particular photo but normally it’s Kate Goesslin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 TLC fame. She got that haircut and everyone said she looked like someone who would demand to speak with your manager (which was actually on par with Kates behavior)

  40. Filoni has hinted he's not a fan of the direction the ST went in. He liked the idea of the World In-between Worlds featured in the Rebel's series as a way to potentially redo the ST.

  41. I think that’s fair. He probably didn’t like that the big wigs didn’t have and admitted to not having an overarching plot for the ST and while they’re enjoyable as standalone films (my opinion) as a trilogy they’re so clunky. Either have an overarching plot or at least points or have the same writer and/or director for consistency

  42. It’s very true - over tourism is (well, was) a huge issue before Covid hit. Trying to get a reservation for the louve for more than 10 people (I work for a group travel company) was actually impossible, it was always super crowded which meant there were more pickpockets/scam artists milling about.

  43. In Stephen King's 11.22.63, the protagonist goes back in time and prevents the assassination. When he returns to his present, America is in shambles. I guess King did some research on JFK...

  44. I was going to mention this novel - it was really good and very eye opening on what JFK possibly would have done if given the time

  45. Agreed! And the fact that Danielle stayed with her at the dentist when she was getting her teeth extracted...clearly they had a great amount of respect for each other and it was nice to see it represented in the final two

  46. I actually kinda feel bad for these companies. I know holding on to your money for a year is not fair but a lot of hotels and hostels are closing, a lot of people losing their jobs. The big companies get a bailout but the smaller ones are possibly lost forever

  47. This is extremely true - our company has about 1800 employees and in the US it’s about 400. Right now there are about 100 max that are not furloughed or laid off. I was fortunate enough to continue working but it’s very stressful for everyone and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a type of “survivors guilt”

  48. Yup. I also disputed a charge with Norwegian Air today. Reports are that they have been refunding people's money, but it's been taking them 2 months. EU regulations say that they have to refund your money in 7 days.

  49. So as a travel agent I do want to throw in my two cents about refunds taking longer than normal. A lot of these refunds being processed are outside the terms and conditions and therefore are much more manual processes. So if you think about how many hours there are in a work week, only a certain amount of people with the authority to approve and process, and the sheer VOLUME of refunds, it will take longer. Our standard is 4-6 weeks but it’s been about 10 weeks due to the pandemic.

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