1. You could youtube from your home and not show your face. But discuss patient cases and knowledge. It won't make big bucks but will feed the creative

  2. That’s an amazing idea, the issue is : constant flow of content

  3. Its a very specialized field. Enough content for it

  4. Because there are non disclosures with the employer.

  5. I ah failed competency. Thought a dummy sample was one day old when it was an end stage renal fail case. Another was I NA the analytes in Middleware because I didn't delete them as per procedure. Role confusion when trained by multiple colleagues. I didn't get signed off as I'm a temp. Only on QC bench

  6. What happens if you find no drugs in clear almost water urine. Ooh its not urine. My favourite interview question lol.

  7. The longer your in the field the more you realize the lab is the only one who gives a shit about quality.

  8. Virtually all going now. Hopefully this gives him the poke he needs and likes his next move. Also… unfriends them

  9. Good with buying hookers and hosting parties in retirement

  10. Wait what? I'm paying a ton into a pension. How does the government raid this? I mostly do it because it's 50% tax otherwise. It's a private pension set up by work. Government can take funds from this??

  11. Government can't. And the company needs consent of my signature to pay me the little pension. If I don't have it in my account I won't spend it unnecessarily. Its an old man's trick. I just use that company like a storage space for that fund.

  12. Go to a different, maybe smaller lab. The grass isn't always greener, but sometimes it is. If you feel like the facility you're working at isn't for you, just find one that is. There are plenty of lab jobs out there, you'll eventually find one you like. Especially if you have only been there for a year. Just don't burn any bridges, word gets around quickly in the lab community. That applies to other facilities in your area, not just the one you're currently at.

  13. Anyone have experience working in smaller labs ? What is that like

  14. Switch because it switched on the brain. Keep the brain learning and happy. I think medium sized hospitals can have corporate heavy procedures

  15. When my colleagues tell me personal preference in procedures I take out my frustration on the paper change requests at the end of the sops. It is frustrating because some of it is personal preference and the rest is essential updates that no one bothered their hole to update the procedure for complex IT or instrument operation

  16. The second goal summed United's second half up.

  17. Do the players need a rotation for mental rest? Or it's just a random bad day

  18. The idea of public service is you don’t go in being a rockstar. You find the person on your team and management who are the lowest performer and match their output. No ripples,no showing others up and no initiative to be shown.

  19. I confirm haha. Don't give suggestions in meetings if you are new. The boss will scold ya

  20. Literally everywhere. Even when I worked at McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts, when I was new, and expressed that I have never worked before, and when I asked questions they give me the nastiest look of, "are you really that stupid?" Shit gets old real fast. And when you ask for help, it's always such a drag to them. Even if you tell them that you are new and never done this type of work before, they expect you to know as much as Einstein. It's crazy, and even when I became a phlebotomist it was the same.

  21. Similar experience. Trsining on this bench stop start. Why is the line not ready. Another new tech hired. Line is up and running at 4 pm not at 2 pm. Minimal fuss. Coworkers know his is the favourite. Petty and 2 faced. You need to ask questions and the senior disappears. Just stupid shit all around. Not getting momentum and then being throw into something after months not seeing it. No 3 2 days schedule ratio for 2 bench.

  22. He's a delusional air head. Doubt he will get to the top.

  23. So is conor mcgregor. These boneheads have more talent in fighting than you or me. I belive he has a chance. I don't think fighters should be paid more than doctors or nurses though. They inflict damage for entertainment.

  24. A properly fitting bra is not a splurge, it is a necessity.

  25. Never feel guilty spending on food or toiletries. Sometimes I use face cream as an aftershave because it would use product quicker. Or use handcream as aftershave but that can leave a melia or a funny skin spot thay needs a 100 bucks removal.

  26. Interesting scenario can I put a cfas on a roller for mixing after It dissolves after 15 minutes? I think a sonicator could be handy aswell to dissolves it quickly

  27. I shiuld have specified its not a bulb pipette. It is a fixed 3 ml pipettor with a button piston for the thumb

  28. I grew as a shy, lonely teenager with really bad self-esteem and social anxiety, because they were very controlling and strict. I struggled a lot to overcome this and missed many important milestones in life. So I wish they pushed me to be more social instead of being fine with me not going out ever and wanting only to study and play games.

  29. I learned how to cook, that was one well taught skill. On the flip side when my parents almost lost the house due to high interest rates and poor planning I had to meal prep, shop and cook for our family as well as international student boarders, so about 10 people, while my nMom worked out of town during the week.

  30. amazing skill to prepare meals for many ppl. Did eDad cook himself too? Nah.

  31. I only eat macros to stay full. Not always for taste. I'd say their ready meals could be ok

  32. I am envious they have a clean accent. It's a great work asset to have. All I can say is chewsday at chelsea

  33. When I was a 17 year old working in a shop in London after my leaving cert, multiple wankers thought it hilarious to ask me to say ‘tursday and turty tree and a turd’

  34. Good thing is that project management is transferrable. Perhaps you can look into getting a PMP.

  35. Construction is man's work. Be proud of your work. Do you have an mma routine? What's your fitness like outside of work

  36. Also on instructions it says to use a scientific pipette to add exactly the volume of dh20

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